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Botox is used in cosmetic surgery to temporarily arrest muscle activity and Botox and Brilliant Distinctions | Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angelesthus reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The injections can reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, lines that appear near the eyes and forehead wrinkles that appear when you raise your eyebrows. Botox stops signals from the muscles to the nerves. When the muscles receive signals from a neurotransmitter released by the nerves, the muscles shorten. Botox ensures these signals are not received. As the muscle movement is currently blocked, the wrinkles relax.
Botox also prevents new lines from forming. It can also be used for medical purposes and is used to treat the following conditions:

  1. Uncontrollable blinking or Blepharospasm
  2. Cervical dystonia: This is a neurological condition, wherein the person undergoes neck and shoulder muscle spasms and contractions involuntarily.
  3. Hyperhidrosis.: This is a condition where the patient experiences excessive sweating without any triggers such as hot temperatures or exercising.
  4. Migraines: Botox can even be used to reduce the frequency of migraines. However, it can only be used in those patients who experience chronic migraines that occur for 15 days or more and last for over four hours.
  5. Bladder disorders: Botox can also be used to treat bladder disorders such as urine leakage and an overactive bladder, conditions that occur due to multiple sclerosis or a spinal cord injury.

Botox is usually applied by an injection. After reducing the intensity of the powder by diluting it in sodium chloride, the toxin is injected directly into the facial tissue. It generally takes a day or two to fully take effect, but this can vary from person to person. The effects of the botulinum toxin on an unborn baby have not been explored and if you are pregnant, it is recommended you avoid it. If you have displayed an adverse reaction to it, you must also avoid it at all costs.
While the risks involved with Botox is minimal, however, if not injected correctly, it can spread to surrounding regions and cause a variety of problems such as excessive tearing, a crooked smile or drooping eyelids. This can occur even when receiving the injection for cosmetic reasons.
The Botox cosmetic can also spread and cause symptoms than resemble botulism. Get immediate medical attention if you begin feeling any of the following symptoms after receiving your injection.

  1. Muscle weakness: This could imply that the toxin has spread out the area of administration. This could also lead to drooping eyelids and blurred vision and slurred speech. If you feel like you are suffering from this, avoid driving a car or operating heavy machinery.
  2. Swallowing trouble: This could lead to a life-threatening situation especially if the toxin has affected the associated muscles.

These, however, are very unlikely if administered by a skilled doctor like Gary Motykie.
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