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Asclera® Injections

Asclera® InjectionsSpider and Varicose Vein Removal & Treatment

Unsightly and painful spider and varicose veins can make showing off your legs a distant memory. But what if you could finally be free of the need to hide unwanted leg veins with cover up blemish sticks, airbrush sprays or pantyhose?

Spider and varicose veins in the legs can become a thing of the past with breakthrough Asclera® (polidocanol) Injections, a prescription medication for removing unwanted veins in the legs. Reclaim your skirts and shorts again with vein injection therapy (sclerotherapy) at Motykie Med Spa!

Asclera® Injections are highly effective vein treatments administered in our luxurious and comfortable medical spa by expert technicians. Once injected, Asclera® causes the lining of visible blood vessels in the legs to swell, blocking the blood flow. The affected veins then safely clot, and your body’s natural elimination processes destroy and absorb treated veins so they are no longer visible.

Please contact us, request an appointment online or call us at 310-276-6772 to plan your visit to our premier med spa serving West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles. We will work with you to develop a personalized beauty regimen to handle your vein treatments along with any other skin concerns for a more youthful, beautiful you!

The Motykie Med Spa Difference

  • At Motykie Med Spa, you can rest assured that you are receiving professional and personalized attention. Our highly competent Registered Nurses are certified in the latest sclerotherapy practices to achieve beautiful results.
  • Asclera® Injections are a trusted spider vein removal technique at a surprisingly affordable price.
  • We’re committed to a proactive wellness philosophy, making Asclera® vein treatment one pillar of a comprehensive health and beauty package designed around your specific goals.
  • All of our skin and beauty treatments are designed and overseen by Dr. Gary Motykie, our medical director and a nationally recognized Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Are Asclera® Injections Right for You?

If you say “YES!” to any of these questions, Asclera® may be the perfect solution to stubborn veins that keep you from feeling confident showing your legs!

  • Have you begun to notice spider veins on your legs that make you feel embarrassed to wear skirts or shorts?
  • Do you wear pantyhose or leg makeup to cover embarrassing red, blue or purple veins that appear on your skin’s surface?
  • Do you long for the days when you enjoyed showing off your shapely legs in more revealing styles?
  • Do you like the idea of a spider vein removal system that improves the look of your legs with no anesthesia, little discomfort and minimal risk or downtime?

Asclera® Injections Fast Facts

  • Asclera® is approved for treating both uncomplicated spider veins (small varicose veins that may be red or blue and appear close to the skin’s surface) and uncomplicated small varicose veins (reticular veins that are larger, blue or dark purple and may bulge from the skin’s surface).
  • Each treatment session requires only 30 to 60 minutes. It’s common for patients to require several appointments to allow for the medication to effectively treat the veins and for progress to be evaluated.
  • For best results, treatments should be scheduled 1 to 2 weeks apart.
  • Asclera® Injections are just as effective as laser vein removal treatments, with many patients seeing superior results from this system.

Does It Hurt?

Many of our patients wonder about the level of discomfort associated with Asclera® Injections. As the name indicates, this vein treatment system does require a series of injections. Our expert staff is highly skilled in administering the medication in a safe and comfortable manner, with most patients experiencing only mild temporary discomfort during the injection itself. Following treatment, we recommend that you avoid strenuous exercise, sun exposure, hot tubs and plane flights for several days. You may be advised to wear support hose or compression stockings for a short period to maximize your results.

How Does It Work?

Asclera® Injections work by triggering your body’s own biological responses for a more natural approach to spider vein removal. After injection, Asclera® causes the lining of your blood vessels to gently swell, blocking the flow of blood to visible spider or varicose veins. Your vessels will then clot, destroying the veins so that they naturally disintegrate and then disappear.


Most patients will see significant improvement in the appearance of treated spider veins and varicose veins after only one session. For the most beautiful results, it is often recommended that you schedule multiple treatments spaced approximately 1 to 2 weeks apart in order to allow the medication to fully take effect. We will carefully monitor and evaluate your progress and then re-treat any stubborn veins.

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