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Patient Testimonial: "I LOVE Dr. Motykie"

Patient Testimonial: "I LOVE Dr. Motykie"

Yelp Badge 1I LOVE Dr. Motykie, and his entire staff! He is truly an expert in his field. He is a caring and compassionate surgeon. (Just peek at his expansive medical education.) It meant a lot to me personally, that he formed the charity The Healing Curve that helps women who have beaten breast cancer, but still have various issues that he helps to resolve. He listens to what your concerns are, and takes the time to address each and every question that you may have.  If he feels surgery is not in your best interest, he will not perform it, but will help guide you to alternatives that suit you best. I really appreciate his expertise and implementation involving the body/mind/total health approach. You will see that ideal practiced in his Medical Spa as well! (Trisha and Mary are top notch at the spa and I highly recommend both, whom I have seen!) I wanted a surgeon who was not only world renowned, but also one that I could form a friendship with. Believe it or not, it is a vital part of the healing process.
From the moment you call to make your initial consultation, you will find that Diana is friendly, courteous and accommodating. Sandi who is in charge of the financial end is amazing in every way and saw to it that I was well taken care of as she would repeatedly step far beyond her intended financial role, to help ensure every patient is well cared for! Their nurse Sara is excellent at her job, super friendly, and really cares about her patients! She is in constant contact throughout the entire healing process with calls, emails and texts! I also want to say how much I enjoyed my anesthesiologist, Dr. Allegeyer. He made certain that I was comfortable (I travel about 200 miles round trip, which equals about 6 hours total with LA traffic, & was anxious about feeling nauseous and in pain on my way home.) He listened and it was one of the best experiences ever! One last, but very impressive thing you should consider, and one that will help solidify your reason to choose Gary as your surgeon- when I had a slight complication he offered to personally drive to my home to administer care to me! This is absolutely unprecedented!!!
I have been a patient for about 4 years so I have been in his office and Med Spa often. He has an incredible team and has set his standards, and the standards of his staff at the absolute top!
Good luck, and I truly hope you will consider Dr. Motykie for whatever transformations you may be seeking!

Winter 2014 Med Spa Events & Photos!


  • Thursday, January 15th – SPAPHILE Night of Beauty

    Motykie Med Spa was proud to be a sponsor in this year’s exclusive Night of Beauty event at the Palomar Hotel.  Guests indulged in pampering beauty treatments such as teeth whitening, mini facials and chemical peels, along with consultations and skin care samples.

1609681_614778501892306_1095161989_n  1524806_614778468558976_2042342762_n 1507613_614777095225780_571634777_n

  • Thursday, January 22nd – The Guardians Glam Night

    Beauty and Philanthropy go hand in hand with The Guardians home for the aging as this fabulousevent took place at Motykie Med Spa.  The Guardians had an all girls beauty inspired event, where cocktails and snacks were served, and guests indulged in consultations with Motykie Md Spa’s amazing aestheticians and learned about the latest in procedures and treatments.  Memberships were bought and renewed for a new year of Guardians adventures.  www.laguardians.org


  • Friday, January 31st – Motykie Med Spa’s Soft Opening and Ribbon Cutting Event

    Motykie Med Spa’s celebration to commemorate  the recognition as a business by The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.  Mayor Abbe Land and Dr. Gary Motykie made it official by cutting the ribbon as Motykie Med Spa’s team members were there to share in this special day.




  • Wednesday, February 19th – Terri Apple’s “ I’m 35 My Eggs Are Rotting…How Is Your Sperm?” Book Release and Red Carpet Event benefiting The Healing Curve

    Voice Over Actress, Author and Writer, Terri Apple release her third book and had her official book release at Motykie Med Spa.  For a minimum of 2 years 20% from book sales will go directly to The Healing Curve Foundation.  To purchase a book and have 20% benefit The Healing Curve, please email Terri at Terapp3@aol.com.


JuvaShape Skin Resurfacing Before and After Photos

In today’s world, everyone has become extremely conscious about their physical appearance. Apart from gyms and exercise studios, medical spas and other beauty treatment centers are fast gaining popularity among people. This generation of people aspire for perfect bodies, especially women, and with the busy lifestyles they lead, it becomes difficult to incorporate a strict fitness plan into their routine. Also at times, exercise and dieting alone does not help get rid of stubborn fat accumulated in certain areas of the body.
What is cellulite?
In simple language, cellulite is the appearance of some underlying fat deposits in the skin. This leads to dimpled or loose appearance of the skin in those particular areas. The firmness of the skin is lost and this is especially visible in the thigh and hip areas of women. It makes them conscious to expose these body parts when they have to wear certain clothes like a swimsuit or a bikini.
JuvaShape: The safe solution for cellulite reduction
JuvaShape is a laser treatment that is safe for all skin types. It is a fat reduction technique which is a great alternative to invasive aesthetic surgery. It can be used for treating areas such as abdomen, thighs, chest, neck and upper arms. It is ideal for collagen regrowth and strengthening, facial contouring as well as neck tightening. Any sort of adjustments can be made with finesse to hard or lose fat areas using JuvaShape. The process involves the selective targeting of fat cells with the disruption of cell wall membranes using acoustic waves.
See JuvaShape Before and After Photos:

Dr Gary Motykie ‘s  medspa uses latest cutting edge technology for renewing and revitalizing your skin. It offers JuvaShape body transformation solutions and is quite popular in the areas of  Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles . vShape is the most comprehensive Radio Frequency system available today. It offers four proven technologies in a cost efficient and upgradable platform. The result is a smoother and more uniform appearance of skin as a result of a combination of two things: breakdown of fibrous tissue and collagen stimulation. Essentially, non-ablative laser energy is used to treat the excess skin.
After undergoing JuvaShape treatment, you will get the body you always wanted. Excess fat from problem areas can be removed giving you a better-looking, fitter body. Also, you can always ask your surgeon for some before and after photos of the treatment.

Cellulite formation triggered by various factors

80-90 percent of  females face cellulite related problems. This problem is also seen in males, but is comparatively lesser. It is generally attributed to hormonal changes, changes in metabolism, diet, genetic factors among several others. You should also be cautious of a high stress lifestyle which can increase the level of catecholamines leading to cellulite formation. Cellulite is more visible on lighter skin. There are creams and products available to hide it or dissolve the fat and make the skin appear smooth, but there is no evidence proving the effectiveness of these creams.
The FDA has actually approved the use of laser treatment for cellulite reduction. Pixel Radiofrequency Micro Plasma technology is actually the most advanced technology available in the market today. JuvaShape offered by Motykie Medspa is an absolutely brilliant and safe choice for those looking to revitalize and renew their body and face using laser technology.
Juvashape Before and After Photos provided by http://www.almalasers.com/vshape
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Juvashape Skin Resurfacing Cost

Build My Bod | Get a Quote Now!

The fountain of youth beckons, and what better way to get there than Juvashape treatments. Many a medical spa has long been offering surgeries to achieve a younger appearance, so what makes Juvashape any different? One of the best bits of Juvashape treatments is that it is a non-invasive procedure, says Dr. Gary Motykie . From sagging skin to a single cellulite, Juvashape treatments adopts Radio frequency or RF technology to sculpt and tone the body, as desired. A medspa may also offer Juvashape laser treatment to relieve pain by means of massaging mechanisms that penetrate deep into the body tissues, unlike traditional massages. Visiting a medspa, for a Juvaderm treatment, can help in easing out muscle tension to relieve the pain. Also, when compared to aesthetic surgeries, Juvaderm treatment are far more cost-effective, and without any downtime.
Juvashape treatment overview
vShapeRltdProd r1 - Juvashape Skin Resurfacing CostJuveshape treatments can be used to treat abdomen, jowls, chest, neck, upper arms, and thighs. The treatment involves using RF technology, to breakdown the fat cells. The acoustic waves disrupt only the targeted cell membranes of the fat cells which are to be removed. Then, unipolar RF waves are used to speed up the metabolism so as to increase the fat burning and expulsion rate in the target area. Similarly, cellulite and stretch marks can also be treated through the procedure. A fine smooth contour  can be achieved by coupling collagen stimulation with fibrous tissue disruption. Non-ablative lasers can be used to treat excess skin, to give it a firmer tone.
Before and after care
Despite being a non-invasive treatment, there are certain precaution you need to address before the treatment. Prior to the treatment, the doctor at the medical spa will advise you to stop using bleaching creams, exfoliatants and such, a week beforehand. Speak to your doctor regarding the usage of lotions and medications before the treatment. You’ll have to wash off any lotion, make-up or potion that has been applied on the treatment area before surgery. In case of sensitivity, he may apply topical anesthetics during the treatment.
The treatment may require for you to come in for about six sessions or more, for it to fully come into effect, although you will start noticing changes right after the first treatment. Although you can get back to your regular routine after the treatment, you do have certain dont’s to cater to. Until all the treatment sessions have been completed, you will be advised to stay away from tanning creams and sun exposure. You will have to apply a SPF 30 cream on the treated area. Consult your medical spa doctor, before using any skin products on the treated area. Don’t exfoliate or scrub the treated region. While you can take mild showers post-treatment, you are better of without whirlpools and hot tubs for the 48 hour period after treatment. Same goes with workout sessions and saunas, as excessive sweating should be avoided for the 24-48 hours following treatment. The doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory or pain medication in case you face any discomfort post-treatment.
Juvashape Before and After Photos provided by http://www.almalasers.com/vshape
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Your Skin and the Aging Process:


your skin at age 20This is your prime and it is the time to create good habits!  Prevention is key! Cleanse, moisturize and protect!  If acne is still an issue, a mild chemical peel or our skin rejuvenation treatment are both great options.  IPL can help if you are starting to see minimal signs of sun damage!


your skin at age 30Collagen production starts to slow down and slight signs of aging may start around eyes and mouth.  Botox injections, as a preventative measure, especially for crows feet and the glabella are an option. Stay hydrated as skin may begin getting a bit drier.  Light chemical peels help encourage cell turnover and are a good option.  Melanin production slows down so skin doesn’t tan as easily as it may have in our teens and 20s.  Areas on the face like nasolabial folds start to lose volume so a hyaluronic acid such as Juvederm or Restylane may be appropriate.


your skin at age 40Pores become more enlarged and skin appears more dull. The texture and tone of your skin may start showing signs of accumulative sun damage and age spots are more prevelant. Cell renewal and collagen production continue to slow more and more.  Continue to exfoliate with chemical peels or at home products such as retinols to rejuvenate the skin. You also may be a candidate for eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) for sagging skin around the eyes that will give you a more refreshed appearance.  If this is a concern, you may schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Motykie.

50s and Beyond

your skin at age 50Wrinkles are more apparent and gravity is starting to take a toll.  The decrease in the production of estrogen affects your skin, increasing dryness and reducing elasticity. Juvashape, a radiofrequency device that our office offers, is a perfect way to combat skin that is losing elasticity, for instance, the neck, arms and legs . Volume and fullness in the cheeks starts to diminish and causes loose skin and sagging. Minimally invasive procedures can restore fullness to your cheeks and lips, such as injectible fillers. A facelift may be considered by some patients. Dr. Motykie can reposition and tighten the underlying muscle and tissue and remove the excess skin that gives patients a more youthful appearance.

Please remember that while Dr. Motykie and his team at Moytkie MedSpa are here to help with your cosmetic needs, we encourage all of our patients to protect themselves in the sun, eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water and get lots of rest!  Nothing makes you glow on the outside more than from within!  And be kind to others… there’s nothing more beautiful than that.
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Juvashape Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Juvashape is a face and body lifestyle solution that acts as the perfect cure for the people suffering from years of sun damaged skin. It is used for treating damaged skin and other problems related to skin without causing any severe pain to the patient. Juvashape decreases the quality of irregularity in skin tone and texture. It makes use of the radio frequency energy which penetrates into the skin up-to 15 millimeters and can treat all types of issues with regards to skin. *FDA cleared for wrinkles, rhytids, the temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite and skin resurfacing.
Juvashape treatments for fat cavities is a risk-free and inexpensive option when compared to invasive aesthetic operation. This non-invasive application delivers concentrated heat energy to regenerate, improve and refresh the body as well as your face. It is perfect for facial contouring, tightening of the neck, and for reducing the effects of aging. The regions of treatment include lower jaw and neck,upper arms, thighs, abdomen and chest. It is a cosmetic procedure and is generally carried out in a medspa or medical spa.
[VIDEO] Juvashape Skinn Resurfacing Treatment

How this procedure is carried out?

The procedure begins as soon as the acoustic waves selectively break up the tissue layer of the targeted lipid cells. Soon after, the unipolar radio frequency waves speed up the local metabolic process to intensify the body’s natural burning and ejection of the lipid cell content. Cellulite and stretch marks can also be treated with a combination of radio frequency and ultrasound technologies. A sequence of break down of fibrous tissue and simple protein stimulation results in a smoother shape and more consistent quality. Excess skin is treated with laser energy. It results in firmer and tighter skin with a smoother finish.

Benefits of the Juvashape procedure

There are various advantages of having this procedure done when compared to other alternatives. Some of these benefits are-

  • Results are visible immediately just after one treatment although for permanent results, you may have to go through six sessions, on an average.
  • The patient does not experience any kind of pain during this procedure which can attract a lot of people towards it.
  • It is quite safe and non-invasive, with almost no downtime.
  • Perfect treatment for the skin damaged by the intense heat of the sun.
  • Apart from treating damaged skin, it also ensures reduction of cellulite, and helps in skin firming and resurfacing.
  • Even the wrinkles and rhytids can be treated by Juvashape.
  • The Juvashape laser is the best choice for all kinds of skin.
  • It is one of the most versatile aesthetic treatments that guarantees fast, reliable and noticeable results.

It perfectly combines wellness, cutting-edge technology and health and brings out the best of exquisite restoration for face and body. These Juvashape treatments are normally not available easily. Dr Gary Motykie is a well known doctor based offering this service in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood . So if you are considering this treatment, do take an appointment with Dr. Gary to get the details of this procedure.
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