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Coolsculpting’s Premier Crystal Award Recipient: Motykie Med Spa

Coolsculpting’s Premier Crystal Award Recipient: Motykie Med Spa

We were recently awarded the top CoolSculpting clinic in Beverly Hills and received the Premier Crystal Award! Thank you for choosing Motykie Med Spa as your preferred CoolSculpting clinic. We are so excited about the results we’ve been able to give our clients this far!

CoolSculpting has given our patients the opportunity to reduce those areas of stubborn fat that they have not been able to achieve through diet and exercise alone. We have had some great results with theCoolSculpting system for our patients and have recently acquired the CoolFit applicator which now lets us effectively treat areas such as the arms, calves, inner knees and more! This has really opened up the treatment options for areas of fat that were previously only reachable through invasive procedures such as Liposuction.
To find out more about CoolSculpting and to see if you are the right candidate for the treatment, please contact us to book your complimentary consultation 310-276-6772.

Aesthetic Skin Treatments with Alma HarmonyXL AFT Laser (IPL)

Motykie Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, provides state of the art non-surgical treatments for women and men. The medspa is equipped with advanced technologies such as the Alma HarmonyXL AFT laser system. This technology is designed to achieve effective aesthetic outcomes without posing any risk or causing any significant discomfort or pain to the patient. Patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas can receive this laser treatment at the Motykie Medical Spa.
Aesthetic Skin Treatments with Alma HarmonyXL AFT Laser

Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT)

AFT is the next generation of intense pulsed light. It takes previously unused short wavelength light and transforms it into a part of the usable spectrum through a special filtering system. In simpler words, this means that the emission and targeted penetration of the lasers is enhanced and safer and more effective results can be achieved.
AFT also delivers Equally Distributed Fluence (EDF). This means that every single pulse has uniform energy density across the entire output area. The aesthetic outcomes are more consistent and smoother looking. The “fluence” ensures that the results can be repeated with multiple treatments, and the safety quotient remains remarkably high. Skin damage is minimal, discomfort is much reduced, and overall efficiency of results is very high.

Laser Treatment for Vascular and Pigmented Lesions

HarmonyXL laser technology allows for non-surgical, quick and effective treatment for vascular and pigmented lesions. Almost every adult has one or more pigmented lesion. These may be caused due to aging, sun exposure or other factors. In some cases, the lesions may be present by birth. These lesions are essentially spots on the skin where the concentration of melanin is high.
For benign pigmented lesions that may cause cosmetic concern to many people, the HarmonyXL technology provides an effective, non-surgical solution. Dr. Motykie’s medspa is equipped with this technology, and patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive this treatment at the facility.
The treatment provider will expose the pigmented lesion to short pulses of light, with an aim to raise the temperature in the melanin concentration. With a controlled application of laser heat, the cells carrying the melanin will be shattered. The body will gradually replace these unwanted cells with new, healthy cells generated by the surrounded healthy tissue. The AFT technology can be used to treat pigmented lesions on any skin type because of its unique wavelength and pulse width capabilities.

Key Advantages

Alma’s HarmonyXL AFT laser technology offers several benefits over other typical non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments.

  • The results with this treatment are highly effective for reduction of pigmented lesions.
  • The treatment is completely non-surgical and safe.
  • Applicable for all skin types.
  • No anesthesia and not even any topical or numbing agents are required.
  • The treatment time is less than 30 minutes, which can easily fit into the schedule of busy people.
  • No downtime is involved, and the patient is ready to resume their regular activities immediately.

Motykie Medical Spa is a premier facility providing this innovative and proven treatment for superficial vascular and pigmented skin irregularities.
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Before and after photos provided by : http://www.almalasers.com/int/harmony_xl_photos.jsp

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Los Angeles | Beverly Hills Medical Spa | Med SpaLaser hair removal treatment is widely considered to be the most effective and long lasting solution for unwanted hair. People who are dissatisfied or unhappy with traditional treatments such as waxing, tweezing, or shaving may choose laser hair removal with a reputed medspa.
One of the leading facilities for this treatment is Motykie Medical Spa, which is equipped with advanced laser technologies to provide laser hair removal in a safe and effective manner. Patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby locations may receive laser hair removal and other non-surgical aesthetic treatments at the facility.

Long Lasting Results

Many people are unhappy with the growth of unwanted hair in various parts of the body, including the face, arms, legs, back, and when they wear a bikini. The growth of hair in these areas may occur due to genetic reasons, fluctuation of hormone levels, certain types of drugs, or other causes. Temporary relief can be obtained through the use of conventional solutions such as waxing, tweezing, or shaving.
However, these treatments can cause pain and discomfort, and produce less effective and short-term results only. Laser hair removal treatment from a reputed medspa is the proven and long lasting solution for the problem of unwanted hair. Laser treatment does not need to be repeated often like other treatments, and the patient can enjoy excellent aesthetic results for a long time.

Who is a Terrific Candidate?

A standout and/or ideal candidate for laser based hair removal treatment is someone with darker hair and lighter complexion of the skin. The laser beam light will get absorbed by the dark pigmentation in the hair, causing its disintegration from the root. The focus of the laser is very precise, which protects the surrounding healthy tissue against potential damage.
Laser experts at the Motykie Medical Spa will evaluate the suitability of a candidate before recommending laser hair removal treatment to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other locations.


The laser hair removal expert will deliver the sharp beam of intense laser light to the targeted hair using a laser tip, which is placed directly over the targeted area. The laser energy penetrates through the top layers of the skin and gets absorbed by the hair follicle pigment. This heat energy weakens the unwanted hair from its root. The hair comes off from the skin gradually on its own.
The procedure is almost entirely painless, but some experts will use a local anesthetic gel or cream for better patient comfort. Best results with laser hair removal can be achieved with about three to six treatment sessions. The number of treatments needed by an individual will depend on factors such as treatment area, hair type, density, color, and pattern of growth.


Laser hair removal does not involve any downtime, and the patient is ready to resume their regular activities immediately. The risk of side effects is nearly non-existent with laser treatment as long as it is performed by a certified expert. The patient should avoid direct exposure to sunlight for several weeks after the treatment.
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How long does Botox Last?

botox before and after picturesBotox is a temporary anti-aging injectable treatment to reduce the wrinkles and lines on the face. The effects of Botox may last for about four to six months, depending on various factors. The striking aspect about Botox is that the treatment can be repeated under a doctor’s guidance to prolong the benefits. Motykie Medical Spa is a certified Botox provider for patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. See Botox Before and After Photos

Variations in Effectiveness

The results with Botox treatment can vary from patient to another even at the same medspa. An experienced Botox provider will advise patients at the outset that the treatment may remain effective for about four to six months. With clear information, the patient is in a better position to make an appropriate choice of treatment.
The results may last for a relatively lesser duration for patients with deeper frown lines. These patients tend to have stronger muscles, which results in the motion of the muscle returning back to normal faster than for those who have less bulky muscles in the forehead.

Longer Effects with Repeat Treatments

As the muscle action returns back to normal in a gradual manner over a period of four to six months, the facial wrinkles and lines will appear again. This can be addressed with repeat treatments under the supervision of a Botox expert at a reputed medical spa. With the passage of time, the appearance of wrinkles and lines tends to become less severe in many cases with repeat Botox treatments. This happens because the muscles are being repeatedly trained to relax.
The return of the muscle movement can be noticed prior to the deepening of the furrows caused by the contraction movements. That is the most appropriate time to go back to the medspa for a repeat treatment of Botox. This ensures that the lines or furrows are treated before they worsen.
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Botox Before and After Photos

Botox Before and After Photos

botox before and after photos los angeles beverly hills
Botox is one of the most popular FDA-approved non-surgical treatments to reduce the signs of aging from the face. Patients who are reluctant to choose surgical procedures such as a facelift may consider Botox is a temporary but effective anti-aging solution
Motykie Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, provides Botox treatment to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities. Patients will have access to Botox before and after photographs at the medspa during the initial consultation to know what the procedure can or cannot do for them, and make an informed and balanced decision.

What are Botox Before and After Pictures?

Before and after pictures in case of Botox treatment refer to a pair or group of images belonging to a patient who has previously received the same treatment successfully. The pictures are taken prior to the Botox injectable treatment and after the treatment at a time when full effects of the procedure are visible on the face. The Botox provider will present these pictures discreetly to new patients and only after obtaining the consent of the original patient.
The goal of the doctor is to educate new patients about the potential effectiveness of Botox injections to address their facial problems of wrinkles and lines. Botox ‘before and after’ images serve as a useful visual aid in this process to help ensure that the patient clearly understands various aspects of the procedure so they know what door they are possibly about to open and so there is not any alarming surprises when the procedure is completed. There is not any doctor who wants to face a shocked and highly agitated patient, certainly not after the surgery is performed.


A new patient who is planning to receive Botox treatment for the very first time may not have a transparent or clear idea of how Botox may help improve their facial appearance and make the facial skin appear more youthful. Some patients may need only minimal Botox treatment in a specific area such as frown lines on the forehead, while others may need the treatment in multiple areas. In some cases, the Botox treatment may be combined with another procedure for more comprehensive results.
The patient may find it difficult to choose the most appropriate treatment approach in their particular case. This is where the treatment provider at the medspa can make use of Botox before and after photos and ensure that the patient makes the best choices to match with their personal aesthetic goals. Patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles and other areas may visit Motykie Medical Spa for a Botox consultation.

Realistic Expectations

In any surgical or non-surgical aesthetic procedure, the patient will typically achieve the best levels of satisfaction when they have a positive thought process, clear aesthetic goals and realistic expectations. With the help of Botox before and after photos, the Botox expert can ensure that the patient knows exactly what to expect and what not to expect from the treatment. This mitigates the risk of any misunderstanding or disappointment occurring later on for the patient.

Digital Photos

Botox ‘before and after’ photos can also be provided on the official website of the medical spa. New patients can simply access the photos on the website even before they decide whether to visit the medspa for a personal Botox consultation.
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