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A Day of Wellness: Circuit II at Motykie Med Spa

A Day of Wellness: Circuit II at Motykie Med Spa

Motykie Med Spa’s Circuit Event II on October 18, 2014 was a wellness seeker’s dream come true as the leading professionals in health and beauty were gathered under one roof to offer guidance on the latest resources for your personal wellbeing in their field.

A jovial spirit of warmth and good intention filled the air as attendees floated from one specialist to the next at this fun and educational event. Every doctor and representative at the event had a wealth of information on ways to improve the body and mind in an organic way. Taking the lead, of course, was the one and only Dr. Gary Motykie who generously took the time to consult clients on his revolutionary approach to plastic surgery.

Healthy refreshments and appetizers from ZICO Pure Coconut Water and My Fit Foods were not only a delicious addition to the festivities but a welcome discovery of new and convenient ways to maintain a wholesome diet.

There were so many amazing vendors present championing the worthy cause of personal wellness, that most attendees didn’t have time to visit them all. Here are just a few other standouts among the many specialists in attendance:

  • Reset Yourself Method creates a tailor-made guide to gaining true balance in your body through Hair Mineral Analysis. The Method provides a detailed map for supplementing any deficiencies keeping you from optimal health and vitality.
  • Caligenix offers understanding of your individuality through the science of DNA testing. Their window into how your genetic structure plays a vital role in the way your metabolism functions and the specific role diet and exercise should play in your life is mind blowingly detailed.
  • Healing Dives, Inc. provided a portable unit for hyperbaric oxygen treatments. This unique therapy is used internationally to treat a wide variety of conditions such as autism, cancer, Fibromyalgia and spinal cord injuries, to name a few. This treatment will be coming to Motykie Med Spa soon!
  • Body by Motykie is our new, custom skincare line and at Circuit II we introduced our first product – Tinted Mineral Sunscreen. Stay tuned for even more unique products specially formulated to provide a complete, balanced approach to skin care!

There’s no way to detail how every specialist present made the correlation between health and beauty crystal clear during this marvelous event. You’ll just have to make sure not to miss the next Circuit Event at Motykie Med Spa!

Finding Serenity with Our Signature Facial!

val-harvey-photoA guest post from Los Angeles makeup artist Val Harvey.
After a long, stressful week there is no greater feeling than checking my worries at the door. But like the rest of the world, finding a way to shut it off at the end of the day can be a real challenge. Such was the case last week, so I decided I needed an intervention.
Motykie Med Spa has always been a sanctuary in the endless desert of fast paced life, so I made an appointment to have their renowned Signature Facial. As if I needed another reason to be impressed, an added treat to the anticipated relaxation was walking into the tranquil setting of the Med Spa’s newly renovated space for spa clientele. I was received warmly by the super friendly receptionist who introduced me to my lovely aesthetician.

Having My Facial

After cozying up in the room the pampering commenced. The thoughtfulness that went into every detail of this facial was so impressive. Every element felt especially designed for my delight, from the cleansing sponges specifically designed to be gentle on the skin, right down to the way my aesthetician touched my skin with purpose while performing extractions, applying my peel and massaging my neck, shoulders and feet.
During my facial Stephanie found that my current skincare routine was stripping my skin of necessary moisture, leaving behind the perfect environment for congested pores to thrive. Her knowledge and practical recommendations for maintaining balanced, healthy skin really opened my eyes to a new approach to my own regime. The radiant, dewy look of my complexion after my Signature Facial speaks volumes to how amazing it truly is.

Was It a Dream?

I must admit, I was so relaxed I drifted into a peaceful slumber during my facial. When I was gently awoken, I was a little sad my pampering session was done. I could have stayed all day, but it’s a great excuse to come back for another treatment. For now, I’ll count this as another amazing experience in the hands of my friends at Motykie Med Spa.

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