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What Does Infrared Sauna Therapy Help You With?

What Does Infrared Sauna Therapy Help You With?

Infrared Sauna Therapy 

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that heats your body directly rather than heating the air around your first. Unlike traditional saunas, infrared light penetrates the human tissue and removes toxins under the skin. These are sometimes called far-infrared saunas because of where the infrared rays fall on the light spectrum. Saunas aim to replicate the reactions that you undergo after moderate exercising such as vigorous sweating and increased heart rate. But, if you find it difficult to deal with the heat of conventional saunas, infrared saunas achieve the same results at much lower temperatures. They operate between 90 and 130 F as compared to a traditional sauna that has temperatures between 180 and 220 F. This technology has a variety of benefits such as weight loss and pain relief and is one of the most effective ways to eliminate toxic environmental elements. Many are also looking into this technology as a way to deal with high blood pressure and ankylosing spondylitis.
Infrared Saunas can be found in medical spas located all over Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles. But if you are looking to get the best possible experience, visit Motykie Med Spa. Equipped with state of the art technology and a highly trained staff, your infrared sauna experience at the Motykie medical spa will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Benefits of infrared saunas available in Motykie MedSpa:

  • Detoxification: Sweating is the body’s natural process of expelling unwanted elements. The sweating induced by infrared saunas are said to be more effective that traditional saunas as, apart from water, you sweat fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium and ammonia. The sauna aims to raise your core temperature by a few degrees. This heating of your core pushes toxins and environmental chemicals out of your body effectively.
  • Skin rejuvenation: We are exposed to millions of environmental chemicals everyday that damage our skin. Infrared Sauna technology offers an effective way to heal the epidermis and dermis layer of your skin. It cleanses your pores and helps you achieve clearer and healthier looking skin. Near infrared treatments have also been found to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Relaxation: Stress is more harmful than we realize. It reduces the effectiveness of our immune system and leads to high blood pressure. The heat produced by saunas are found to relieve tension in the body and help you deal with this stress. They are also found to stimulate endorphins in the brain and produce feel good hormones. All this combines to produce a feeling of well being.
  • Pain Relief: Infrared Sauna Technology works wonders for those suffering from sprains and muscle spasms. The penetrative heat improves oxygen flow and reduces friction in the joints thus diminishing joint stiffness.
  • Weight Loss: Infrared saunas have the ability to burn 400 to 600 calories in just 30 minutes. By replicating the increased heart rate and metabolic rate experienced while exercising, your body works to cool itself and thus burns calories.
  • Improvement of Circulation: The heat produced by this sauna penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates blood circulation and allows us to achieve the benefits of a cardiovascular workout. Multiple sauna sessions can even decrease inflammation resulting from intense exercising. The heat also promotes cell regeneration and tissue growth. This cell growth aids in  preventing infections and repairing injuries.

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Practice Makes Perfect

locale mag coverWRITTEN BY: TAYLOR SIMMONS (Originally published in LOCALE magazine)

Dedication to Inner and Outer Transformation

Beauty is a concept that changes from city to city. There are many components of what this elegant idea is defined as. Is it a curvy or skinny build? Tan or porcelain skin? Is it made up or au naturale? In the end, beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder. You can find it in the mundane and the extraordinary. LA is filled with people who want to be considered beautiful. More importantly, LA is filled with people who want to feel beautiful. Dr. Gary Motykie is someone who can help them undergo a metamorphosis.
As a man who thinks of his career as a journey, Dr. Motykie helps transformations happen every day for his clients as he crosses the paths of who they want to be and who they really are. His spa and practice offer the latest procedures that are as minimally invasive as possible. These procedures help keep his clients looking “natural, youthful and beautiful,” Dr. Motykie proudly exclaims. His words flow with an accuracy and elegance that many wished they could have. He views his work as a work of art; his words carry unmistakable passion, and his drive to make the world a more beautiful place is inspiring. He is a man that can find the beauty in everyone, and makes it visible for the world to see.

Q: What made you interested in becoming a plastic surgeon?

Gary Motykie: Becoming a plastic surgeon was more of a journey than a destination for me. In college, I studied bioengineering because my creative side drove me towards wanting to develop artificial limbs and organs. I found this work fascinating, but I soon realized that I wanted to be able to work more directly with helping people. I also desired a career path that could satisfy all of my curiosities and talents, so I set my sights on becoming a surgeon. During medical school, I was fortunate to be able to spend some time working in plastic surgery where I found the perfect marriage of art, science and creativity. The more I performed plastic surgery, the more I fell in love with how I was literally able to transform patients’ bodies and lives on a daily basis.

Q: How has the beauty industry changed your perception of the world?

GM: Beauty is now big business. I didn’t realize the impact that the field of plastic surgery would eventually have on the world and the way people see themselves. In private practice I soon began to realize that, to some people, beauty is the ultimate luxury. Many people crave it and will do almost anything to get it. Part of my job is to serve as a gatekeeper of sorts to keep people looking natural, youthful and beautiful. Therefore, this job sometimes comes along with the need to say “no” to patients that want to take things too far with surgery and/or medical spa treatments.

Q: On your website you mention your artistic eye. Do you consider yourself an artist? Are there specific artists that inspired you to pursue this career path?

GM: Yes. I think to be a great plastic surgeon you must also have a strong aesthetic sense and respect for true artistic talent. Therefore, I enjoy all other forms of artistic expression including photography, painting, sculpting, theater and music. There wasn’t a particular artist that inspired me to become a plastic surgeon, but I’m fascinated by Albert Einstein’s idea that, “Creativity is far more important than knowledge.”

Q: What are the benefits of having your practice in LA?

GM: LA has always been a city that is known for art, beauty and, of course, plastic surgery. It is wonderful to be surrounded by healthy competition that continually pushes me to evolve and stay current with the active trends and advancements in the world of health, wellness and plastic surgery. It is also enlightening to be surrounded by so many people that are interested in sharing their talents in so many culturally diverse ways such as live music and small theater productions. That makes these types of experiences all that much more personal and special.

Q: What kind of clientele does your practice attract?

GM: My practice attracts patients both locally and internationally. My local patients vary from housewives to movie stars, but my international patients are more diverse. They can come from as far away as Dubai and Australia.

Q: What three words would best describe your spa?

GM: Beauty, quality and wellness.

Q: What motivated you to open Motykie Med Spa?

GM: I originally opened the medical spa to create a continuity of care for my surgical patients. They often wanted my recommendation on where to follow-up after surgery for such things as Botox, facial fillers and maintenance skincare treatments. I decided to create a medical spa that provided quality treatments in an environment that also promoted health, wellness and effective anti-aging strategies.

Q: How is it different from other spas in LA?

GM: I wanted to start a medical spa that placed health and beauty on the same playing field. I created programs that combined wellness and beauty procedures in order to optimize treatment outcomes. I also believe that diet, nutrition, supplementation and detoxification programs are crucial to staying healthy, beautiful and looking more youthful.

Q: How does the treatment create beauty from the inside out?

GM: Because the skin is the largest organ in the body, it is one of the first places a person will start to show signs of aging and the effects of toxins. I want our clients to be able to understand that creating a healthy terrain inside the body will lead to a clearer, younger, more beautiful appearance of their skin on the outside.

Q: What is one skincare product everybody should have in their bathroom cabinet?

GM: I feel that it’s imperative to have a moisturizer that provides antioxidants and nutrients to the skin while also offering UV protection.This combination will create healthy skin that is protected from the damaging effects of toxins, free-radicals and direct sunlight.
Q: Do you have a daily routine to keep a younger, healthier body/look? What is it?
GM: I just committed to a wellness program about two months ago, and I am feeling amazing. The program included boosting my intake of supplements as well as eating home-cooked meals rather than eating out and continuing with a daily workout regimen. I knew that if I wanted to offer my patients a complete wellness program that I had to start with myself. Making simple lifestyle changes and breaking bad habits can really boost your beauty on both the inside and outside.

Q: What about the spa excites you most?

GM: I think that the plastic surgeon of the future will be using the scalpel-less and injectable fillers, lasers, skin tightening technology and other non-invasive technologies more. I think this is an exciting concept because it will allow patients a variety of beauty and anti-aging treatment options that will be less invasive and more effective with faster healing and less risk.

Q: How does your spa speak to your personal brand?

GM: My belief is that everyone should always consider their health before their beauty. The tagline of our spa is, “Where your beauty, health and wellness are addressed as one.” Everything I do from my skincare and supplement lines to encouraging my patients to juice and exercise keeps this motto in mind.

Q: What advice would you give somebody looking to get plastic surgery?

GM: Plastic surgery can be an amazing, life-changing experience when performed by a talented and experienced plastic surgeon. Therefore, I tell people that the most important thing to do is your homework and research your doctor, the procedure you are contemplating, and the true reasons you are considering plastic surgery in the first place. Then, pick a board-certified plastic surgeon that you feel a personal connection with during your surgical consultation and view photographs of their work for the same procedure you are considering on actual patients.
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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Med Spa | Massage Therapy | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles CAWhile massages have always been considered something to spoil yourself with after a long day at work, they have also been found to have numerous therapeutic and health benefits. There are currently a huge variety of massage techniques you can choose ranging from Acupuncture, which involves using needles and applying them in particular pressure point to Aquatic bodywork, where the participants are submerged in a warm water therapy pool. Research has found that a single massage session can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, relax your muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins or the ‘feel good’ chemical. It has also been found to relieve digestive disorders and Fibromyalgia.
Benefits of massage therapy:

  1. Lowers stress: Serotine and dopamine are released through a massage session and can help one deal with chronic or acute stress. Studies have also shown that a one and a half hour session can greatly reduce your cortisol and insulin levels.
  1. Improves posture: By applying pressure at all the right places, stiff joints are loosened and pressure points are relieved. All these contribute to having a good posture.
  1. Improves blood circulation: Poor circulation can lead to a variety of problems such as aches in muscles due to the accumulation of lactic acid. Good circulation also helps in healing wounds faster by bringing them that much needed oxygen rich blood.
  1. Relieves headaches: Massages have been found to lead to better sleep and a reduction in the occurrences of migraines.
  1. Helps in rehabilitation of injuries: The pressure applied improves circulatory motion and relaxes the muscles. This allows more blood to be pumped into the vital organs and tissues.

There are a large number of options if you’re interested in therapeutic massages. Some of the popular options are:

  1. Swedish massages: Swedish Massages are one of the most common types of massages. They are usually what those who have not had much experience with massages prefer. Most massages of this type last for 50 to 60 minutes, but can extend depending on what the masseuse is trying to achieve and what the customer wants. The massage strokes can either be vigorous or gentle. These movements prompt better circulation and help breaking up muscle knots called adhesions.
  1. Deep therapeutic massage: It is similar to a Swedish massage, but involves a firmer pressure and helps to release tension in the deepest layers of muscle tissues and tendons. This type of massage has been found to be very effective against high blood pressure. It also helps in relieving stiffness in the neck and lower back. The movement here is very slow and pressure applied is deeper as compared to classic massage techniques.
  1. Prenatal massage: A massage of this type is tailored to meet the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. These massages can relieve stress and chronic lower back pain. It allows pregnant women to pamper themselves and relax in an otherwise stressful time.
  1. Senior Massage: As one’s body becomes older, muscles, tissues and skin change. Senior massages differ from normal massages and involves gentle stroking, kneading and application of light pressure at specific points. These massages have also been found to greatly relieve the stiffness caused by arthritis. Those who undergo these massages have been found to enjoy better sleep and have an improved sense of well-being.

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Coolsculpting Medical Spa in Beverly Hills

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Coolsculpting Medical Spa in Beverly Hills

CoolSculpting | Non Surgical | Fat Reduction | Beverly Hills CAIf you have lost a lot of weight using diet and exercise then you must have experienced a problem that’s faced by everyone. Those stubborn last pounds that refuse to budge no matter how much exercise you do or how many alternative versions of diets you try. The answer to that problem has finally arrived in the form of Coolsculpting.

What is Coolsculpting?

It is a non surgical and non invasive cosmetic procedure that uses controlled cooling as a mechanism to freeze and remove unwanted fat cells. It is an FDA approved treatment. It is an alternative to liposuction that can be effectively used at target areas like lower abdominals, wings, back, thighs to remove stubborn pockets of localized fat.

What are the benefits of Coolsculpting?

The benefits of coolsculpting are that it helps you achieve results that are rarely achieved using traditional fat elimination methods alone. It is a proven way to rid the persistent fat and can be used on multiple areas to banish imperfections. It is for the long run as it works on fat cells directly and once they are gone, you don’t have to worry about fat accumulation in that particular body part again. Even if you gain weight in the future, it is highly likely to be muscle and not fat, which is great, but your body will still look the same and your clothes will still fit the same.

What are its advantages over liposuction?

Coolsculpting is a non surgical procedure with very less downtime. Liposuction on the other hand involves surgery and needles. Coolsculpting doesn’t require any local anesthesia but liposuction does. Liposuction requires a specific amount of downtime once the patient is done with the procedure.

How do I I know it is right for me?

Dr. Gary Motykie, a board certified plastic surgeon whose medspa has offices in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles, suggests that you should consult a cosmetic surgeon who after a thorough physical checkup will ascertain if you are right for the procedure or not. However, it can be considered by men and women who are aware of their fitness and they exercise well and eat healthy. Some people may sell it is a weight loss solution to you but it is a rather body correction procedure that’s designed for localized fat aversion. If you have a muffin top that refuses to budge even after you exercise and diet, if a flabby layer around your waist area isn’t letting you to make risqué choices in wardrobe and if you want a treatment that will permanently work on your fat woes, look no further Coolsculpting can address all these concerns.

Quick facts about Coolsculpting

  1. It involves sonic or laser waves to kill fat cells and not impact the rest of the system
  2. The dead fat cells are removed by body’s lymphatic system as part of the natural cleaning process
  3. Post 4 to 6 weeks of the procedure you will experience a trimmed down body with no bulges at the target site.

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Skin Tightening Treatments – Hydrafacial Med Spa in Beverly Hills

Skin Tightening Treatments – Hydrafacial Med Spa in Beverly Hills

Med Spa | Hydrafacial | Hydropeels | Beverly Hills | Los Angeles CABeautiful, healthy and glowing skin is so elusive in today’s world that people can go to any length to achieve it. Hydrafacial is a breakthrough technology designed to improve the aesthetics of your skin. Hydrafacial is a cosmetic procedure but you don’t have to get any sort of plastic surgery done for it. In fact it is a non invasive and a non surgical option that combines traditional spa treatments with advanced medical science to achieve desired results.

What does Hydrafacial do?

Hydrafacial involves using hydropeels to remove impurities at the same time providing skin with the required nourishment and moisture it needs to rejuvenate. Hydrafacial is powerful because it merges classic techniques like cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, extraction with modern treatments like antioxidant protection to produce results that aren’t visible if these treatments are used individually.

Is Hydrafacial for me?

Hydrafacial is suitable for all skin types. It can be customized if you have specific skin conditions. Dr. Gary Motykie, who is a board certified cosmetic surgeon and his medspa provides hydrafacial for people who like to look good on the go and don’t have time for extensive procedures. Dr. Motykie, who works out of Beverly hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles is of the opinion that because of no downtime due to redness or rash or peeling, hydrafacial is an amazing option for people who have blotched sensitive skin but they cannot do anything because their skin tends to react to chemicals usually found in procedures. Hydrafacila is also a good way to deal with signs of aging and tightening the sagging skin.

What is the procedure of Hydrafacial?

It comprises two portions of cleansing solutions and one portion of antioxidant formula. The first step in the treatment involves laying a warm towel on the patients face to relax the skin. In the second step, the practitioner use tools and hands to spread the solution on the skin and remove impurities from deepest pores. Sometimes this entire process is referred to as canvassing, as the patient feels that a cool paintbrush is being glided all over his or her face in gentle strokes.

What is the time required to recover from Hydrafacial?

Zero recovery time as it is a special facial and a non surgical option. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for the procedure to get over and you can go back to doing whatever you had planned for the entire day. You can also wear your make up post the procedure is over. However, don’t dismiss it as a quick fix because it actually perks up your skin by working at a cellular level and hence the rejuvenation brought on by hydrafacial is unlike any other procedure. It tightens the skin while it is moisturizing and repairing it. Your one time sitting can last as long as a week and redoing the procedure every four to six weeks can certainly lessen the burden of aging on your skin.
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