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Skin Tightening Options at a Medical Spa

Skin Tightening Options at a Medical SpaSkin can begin to lose elasticity and suppleness due to aging, sun exposure, heredity factors, weight loss, and illness. Innovative medspa skin tightening procedures can be used to achieve skin tightening and restore a more youthful and attractive appearance.
Motykie Medical Spa, headed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides several cutting edge skin tightening solutions to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

JuvaShape RF Treatment

JuvaShape is a proven and effective non-invasive treatment designed to achieve a tighter, smoother skin. The treatment is based on advanced radio frequency (RF) technology. RF delivers focused and controlled amounts of thermal energy to the affected areas to restore a younger looking skin appearance. This medspa procedure is equally effective for the face and body areas.
The unique thing about JuvaShape RF device is that it combines four proven skin smoothing technologies into a single system to provide highly desirable and sustainable outcomes. Very little to no downtime or discomfort is involved in this procedure. Dr. Motykie is one of the earliest adopters of latest, cutting edge technologies, including JuvaShape.
Motykie medical spa is the very first spa in California to offer JuvaShape skin tightening, body sculpting and cellulite reduction procedure. Both bipolar and unipolar radio frequencies can be used to create aesthetically superior outcomes. The system is applicable on nearly any skin type.

Pixel Skin Rejuvenation

People who are unhappy about the dull and lackluster appearance of the skin, emergence of wrinkles and fine lines on the face, blotches, and age spots from sun and environmental exposure, and have larger skin pores can ideally benefit from Pixel skin rejuvenation. Conditions such as acne scars and stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs may also be improved with this procedure.
Pixel skin rejuvenation treatment session can be completed in about 30 to 60 minutes. Enhanced skin tone can be noticed just after the first treatment, and optimal outcomes can be achieved in two to five treatment sessions on average. Pixel procedure is safe for almost any area of the body, and may also be used in combination with lasers and other aesthetic treatments. Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for this procedure.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment

IPL treatment is a proven and effective non-invasive skin tightening, complexion improvement and rejuvenation procedure. It will also treat age spots to reveal smoother, more youthful and luminous skin. If the patient requires more intensive facial skin rejuvenation, they may consider an advanced Photo-Facial PRP treatment. This innovative light based solution is less aggressive than ablative lasers, and offers deeper results.
PRO light-based procedure is combined with a customized chemical peel treatment. This synergistic combination supports effective exfoliation of old skin, while promoting the generation of new skin cells. This can provide a new radiant, youthful glow to the skin. IPL treatments can be scheduled at monthly intervals, and a series of three to five treatments can create optimal results.
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Skin Tightening Options at a Medical Spa
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