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Micro-Needling: To Breathe New Life Into Your Skin

Micro-Needling: To Breathe New Life Into Your Skin

$50 off on your first treatment of micro-needling- first-time clients only.*

*Cannot be combined with other specials or discounts.
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In the world of plastic surgery, micro-needling or CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy), is a relatively new concept. The number of people opting for skin treatment via micro-needling, whether performed at home or by a trained physician at medical spas, is on the rise. So what is micro-needling? It is a simple, non-surgical procedure that increases the amount of collagen in your skin, which reverts the process of aging and leads to younger-looking and fresher skin. Micro-needling also enhances the texture of the skin, makes the skin taut and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, scars and sunspots by a significant margin.

Why should you choose the micro-needling treatment?

  • If you are visiting a medical spa for the first time and are new to cosmetic surgery, you wouldn’t want to subject your skin to the much harsher regime of laser skin resurfacing, but would prefer a more effective treatment than a simple chemical peel; micro-needling is the perfect middle ground.
  • It is a safe, natural and chemical-free procedure.
  • Most skin resurfacing methods do not favor people with darker or tanned skin tones or people with thin and sensitive skin, but micro-needling can be used for all skin types and complexions.
  • Micro-needling is mostly painless and is accompanied only by a mild feeling of discomfort.
  • While primarily used on the face, the micro-needling treatment can be used on other parts of the body as well. For instance, micro-needling can be used to treat stretch marks on your thighs and abdomen.
  • It boasts of a faster recovery time and you can get back to your daily activities within a couple of days of treatment.
  • Micro-needling provides a lasting solution for your skin concerns.
  • The treated skin blends in easily with the untreated skin, as opposed to a visible line of demarcation in other skin resurfacing treatments.

How does micro-needling work?

Micro-needling can be done at home or by a professional at a medical spa. The latter is recommended as there is an increased risk of infection, especially if it isn’t done correctly. If you have to do it at home, it is better to consult a dermatologist first so that you know what you’re doing. The procedure can last anywhere between five minutes to an hour. After a topical cream is applied to the area, the physician makes several precise microscopic punctures using a fine needle. The controlled and minimal injury leads to an increase in collagen and elastin levels, which fill up the channels made by the tiny needle and thickens the skin. The skin’s natural ability to mend itself is triggered, and it becomes revitalized.
Motykie Med Spa is a medical spa that is headed by Dr. Gary Motykie. It caters to the cosmetic surgical needs of all of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles. They offer a $50 discount on your first treatment of micro-needling for first-time clients. The procedure guarantees a full facial rejuvenation, reduced aging and removal of scars and pigmentation.
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