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Face Slimming: Non-surgical Square Jaw Reduction with Botox

Face Slimming: Non-surgical Square Jaw Reduction with BotoxIn recent years, Botox has emerged as a successful medspa procedure for non-surgical square jaw reduction. People who want to slim their face and achieve a V-shaped facial profile can benefit from Botox treatment. In many cases, it is the large masseter muscles that cause the face to look bigger, rounder or too square at the jaws.
Careful application of Botox injections at each side of the jaw can help to slim the jaw line. Following reduction of the square jaw, the treatment provider can contour the face and create an attractive V-shape. Motykie medical spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides Botox, Dysport and other injectable treatments to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

How does it Work?

Non-surgical square jaw reduction can be performed in a minimally invasive way with Botox injections. The medspa treatment provider with expertise in this jaw reduction technique can deliver the desired outcomes with just a single Botox injection per side of jaw. Botox medication is injected into the masseter muscle on each side and spread out at multiple points.
A single injection can reach five points within the muscle to produce the targeted result with just a single injection on one side. The procedure can be completed in less than five minutes. The patient will experience minimal or no discomfort and no downtime are involved. The effect of jaw reduction and face slimming will be visible in about two to eight weeks.

Special One-Point Technique

Botox treatment to reduce the square jaw usually involves about three to six injection points on each side of the patients. For a lot of patients, it can be a scary thought to have three to six jabs on either side of the face. This is where the one skin injection point technique differentiates itself and offers a much safer and simple solution to achieve the same effect.
With just one Botox injection on each side of the face, the treatment provider can reach five different points within the masseter muscle using this technique. There is no difference between the results with the traditional three to six point injection technique and this innovative one-point technique because the medication is delivered to the same number of points in the muscle in both cases.
Motykie medical spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for Botox jaw reduction and various other procedures.

Combining with Dermal Fillers

Some patients may want to have an increased enhancement of the face and create a more desirable V shape. In such cases, the treatment expert may recommend one or two point dermal filler injections to the chin in conjunction with the Botox treatment.
While traditional chin enhancement procedure with dermal fillers will typically require four to five jabs or more, but with an innovative injection approach, this can be reduced to one or two point filler injections. This conservative treatment approach collectively involves about 75 percent less skin injection points than conventional jaw reduction and chin filler procedures.
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Face Slimming: Non-surgical Square Jaw Reduction with Botox
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