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Cosmelan Peel: Skin Discoloration and Treatment

Cosmelan Peel: Skin Discoloration and Treatment

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Clear skin is generally seen as an attractive physical quality in men and women alike. In spite of your best efforts to maintain the natural tone of your skin, you may find discoloration occurring in various places on your face and hands, due to a variety of reasons including aging and sun exposure. As these cannot be avoided, it would seem like you are fighting a losing battle when trying to maintain an even skin tone.

The root cause

Melanin is a pigment which gives your skin color. It protects your skin from the sun’s radiation and is thought to prevent cancer. It is also present in the hair and the eyes, giving them their unique hues. People with darker skin have higher amounts of melanin in their skin. The skin naturally creates more melanin when it is exposed to sunlight, but it can also be triggered due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause.

The treatment

It is generally a good idea to apply sunscreen to protect yourself before you venture out in the sun. It will prevent further pigmentation, but it is unlikely that it will reverse the damage which is already done.

Cosmelan is a widely used prescription treatment against severe melasma and facial skin discoloration. It uses multiple depigmentation agents to control the production of melanin in your skin by reducing the formation of Tyrosinase enzyme, which is involved in its creation. It works with all skin types and does not involve any harmful ingredients. There are three stages in the treatment. The first stage inhibits melanin production and is administered in the office. The second stage continues the work of suppressing melanin. The last stage focuses on cutting the healing time required to see the effect of the treatment.

Why Cosmelan? 

Cosmelan has many advantages when compared to other methods of treatment. It is effective against all types of depigmentation, melasma and acne problems and the improvement may be visible in a couple of weeks. It can be used with all skin types and all skin colors and has a very high safety margin.

As Cosmelan is a prescription-only treatment, it would make sense to approach a certified medical cosmetic institution. Many doctors specialize in this area, with Dr. Gary Motykie being one of them. His clinic, Motykie MedSpa, specializes in offering cosmetic medical procedures. It is situated in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles. They consist of a team of experts who tend to you in a comfortable and luxurious medical spa and offer $50 off of the first treatment.


The procedure is painless and personalized. You may feel slight irritation and a tightening sensation right after the treatment, which is normal. Improvement in skin tone usually becomes visible within a week of beginning the treatment. If your skin is darker, it would take longer for the blemishes to disappear. In most cases, skin would appear healthy and shiny in around three weeks and dark spots begin to disappear in around five weeks.

Repeated and continued use of the procedure is absolutely safe and gives the best results. If you stop the use of the treatment, the depigmentation would start to reappear with time due to exposure to sunlight or hormonal changes. The Cosmelan treatment can be thought of a scheduled maintenance for your skin to keep it healthy and vibrant.

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