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True Beauty is a Combination of Inner and Outer Beauty

True Beauty is a Combination of Inner and Outer BeautyBoard certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, is a believer in the power of inner beauty, and says that outer beauty can only complement in the inner beauty of an individual. Dr. Motykie recommends that a cosmetic surgeon’s goal must be to bring out the best in a patient in terms of their self-esteem and natural happiness about their own body. This goal may not necessarily involve a surgical procedure in every case.

Everywhere You Look

Everywhere you look, you will find yourself surrounded by commercial images of stunningly beautiful women and handsome men who appear to have it all. More often than not, these images can trigger wishful thinking even in the most conservative of human beings – because at the end of the day, everyone is only human. The social pressure to look beautiful has only grown with the passage of time.
As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Motykie recognizes the importance of cosmetic procedures to resolve the inner conflicts of an individual when it comes to physical beauty. However, he approaches the issue with spectacular care and empathy, and first ensures whether a surgical procedure is indeed in the patient’s best interests and is the best available solution to serve their personal goals and aspirations.

External Beauty and Inner Self-esteem

The human mind has a great natural sense of aesthetics, balance, and proportion. This can be seen in every manmade creation from paintings to sculptures to architectural marvels to modern automobiles and gadgets. In that sense, there is no way to escape from the reality that human beings love beautiful things. The legendary poet, John Keats had said: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” There is a ring of pure truth in these words.
The challenge, however, is that external beauty is only one of the elements that go into building a strong self-esteem of an individual. In other words, plastic surgery is not the cure-all for a low self-esteem. Dr. Motykie adopts an integrated approach to plastic surgery that combines overall health and happiness of the mind and spirit with the physical beauty of the body. Wherever he believes that the patient may be better served by a non-surgical approach, he will actually divert the patient towards different approaches such as diet, exercise, and even psychological health support.

Choosing the Surgical Option

With the kind of amazing advancements and innovations that have taken place in the field of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Motykie knows that for many patients, surgical options may be the shortest and surest path available to boost their self-esteem. Aesthetic challenges such as unbalanced facial features, sagging skin, small or asymmetric breasts, and physical deformities can become a source of constant unhappiness.
Particularly in cases where the condition cannot be resolved with diet and exercise alone, Dr. Motykie may recommend a suitable, safe, and conservative surgical approach to achieve most satisfying outcomes for his patients. In any case, even with surgery, Dr. Motykie encourages the patient to adopt a combined approach involving a healthy and balanced diet, an active and positive lifestyle and regular exercise. Wherever appropriate, he will even combine non-surgical aesthetic solutions, dietary changes, and a scientific exercise regimen along with surgical treatment for long lasting results.
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