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Dr. Gary Motykie is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He completed his residency in plastic surgery from the University of Texas, followed by a fellowship in Advanced Cosmetic Surgery in 2004.
Apart from providing cosmetic surgery treatments, Dr. Motykie also provides non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments at his Medical Spa for people in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and nearby communities. Patients have an opportunity to receive treatments from a recognized medspa run under the supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon.

What is a Facial?

A facial is a non-invasive, cosmetic treatment designed to rejuvenate the face and make a person appear vibrant and brighter. The treatment should be performed by qualified and experienced estheticians. A facial’s goal is to nourish, exfoliate and cleanse the skin deeply, and promote clearer, well-hydrated skin. Facials achieve best results over a period of time when they are a part of an integrated skin care program.


The facial procedure should ideally be performed at a medical spa under professional medical supervision. The procedure begins with a consultation during which the esthetician will understand the needs and goals of the person, and seek information about current skin issues, diet, water intake, current medications and herbal supplements, if any. All this information will help the esthetician provide appropriate advice regarding the choice of a particular facial procedure.
Cleansing: The hair is wrapped in a towel or headband, and a detailed cleansing process is performed using cotton pads or facial wipes or sponges.
Skin Analysis: The skin is observed under a brightly lit magnifying lamp to determine the correct skin type and skin conditions such as sun damage, aging, dehydration, acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.
Steam: A thin vapor of warm steam is aimed at each area of the face to relax the muscles and soften any blackheads or whiteheads to be extracted. For sensitive skin types, steam may be avoided.
Exfoliation: A professional medspa, such as Dr. Motykie’s in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, will usually perform the exfoliation process with a chemical or mechanical exfoliant. Mechanical exfoliants create friction to remove dead cells from the skin surface, Chemical exfoliation makes use of mild acids and enzymes to relax the bond between skin cells. Mild chemical peels can be performed along with facial during steaming. However, for stronger chemical peels, a procedure separate from a facial may be performed.
Extractions: This involves removal of whiteheads or blackheads, if necessary. This part of the facial process can be uncomfortable, depending on the pain tolerance of an individual. People with thin or ruddy skin may find it more painful. The procedure must be performed by a skilled esthetician to avoid broken capillaries and discoloration.

Types of Facials

This unique and highly effective facial combines key processes such as exfoliation, cleansing, hydration, extraction and antioxidant preservation at the same time. It is a serum infused microdermabrasion procedure that results in vibrant, glowing skin. The procedure involves no pain or discomfort, and the person can resume normal activity immediately after the treatment. The Hydrafacial™ employs vitamin fortified serums to soften and hydrate the skin.
Custom Facial
This facial is designed in accordance with the specific needs and goals of the person. It prevents, improves, and maintains skin texture and complexion with a customized treatment created to suit a specific skin type. It enhances the skin tone and hydrates thirsty skin.
Gentleman’s Facial
This facial is designed to give special care to extracting beard and in-grown hair. It also calms inflammation when required.
Acne Facial
Facial treatment for acne should be received from a recognized medspa, considering the sensitivity of the skin. It involves deep pore cleansing, along with a focus on extraction. It also includes application of an antiseptic skin clarifying mask to help counter blemishes, acne-inducing bacteria, and inflammation.
Express Facial
People who have little time available for cosmetic facial treatments, may choose this express solution. This is a 30-minute facial treatment that covers cleansing, skin toning, extractions, and a customized mask application. Skin revitalization is achieved in very little time with an express facial.
Dermaplane™ Facial
This is an advanced skin resurfacing technique that involves the use of special surgical blade to delicately scrape off the topmost layer of dead epidermal cells and fine hair. Dermaplaning enables the underlying layer of smooth, clear and undamaged skin to emerge and rejuvenate the facial appearance. This facial is more suited for people who need to improve acne scars or reduce minor wrinkles. It is also helpful in the prevention of dead skin buildup that can magnify the common skin imperfections.
Stem Cell Facial™
A state of the art medical spa, such as Dr. Motykie’s in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, can provide advanced treatments such as stem cell facial, which employs stem cell technology to regenerate and revitalize skin cells. It provides cellular renewal, reduces inflammation, hydrates skin, and restores vibrancy.

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