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A RealSelf.com Coolsculpting Patient Review

  • Real Self Username: hgivot
  • Coolsculpting Cost: $3,000


coolsculpting before and after photos“I had my first treatment of “Cool Sculpting” today! Yes! I am so excited! Until very recently I hadn’t heard of a way that I could have effectively and permanently reduced the amount of that super hard to lose fat around my lower abdomen without having to go through and invasive and costly procedure like Liposuction, to be honest I have this little bit of fat left over from my weight loss that I just couldn’t get rid of. I would catch a side view of my profile and eek! you know that bump that just peeks out causing me to look like I stuffed a small pillow down the front of my pants, you know the look I mean…! It is not pretty people! I have lived this way for very long time, with my weight going up and down and my war with weight loss raging on, I finally had the opportunity to try a (what I now have come to love) new procedure called “Cool Sculpting” a non-Invasive procedure that can be used anywhere on your body to help reduce your body fat in areas that are hard or in my case nearly impossible to lose, genius right?, for me that area was my lower abdominal area or the “Puffy Pillow Zone! as I like to call it.” Cool Sculpting literally feels like someone is pinching your flabby bits kinda hard! I experienced a minimal amount of tingling during the first few minutes of the procedure but after about 10 minutes the area being treated goes numb and you only feel pressure I was able to lie back use my cell phone watch a movie and close my eyes and relax, I ended up taking selfies with the staff and hamming it up a bit. Trisha my nurse, made me feel very comfortable, her engaging attitude and knowledge of the procedure itself put any questions I had to rest. I was very impressed with the services overall, my treatment lasted for an hour and I was back up dressed and back to my day, I am feeling great, I am little tender in the area I had treated, I am sitting up and walking around there is no pain no discomfort, You should drink a lot of water after and during the procedure a little hydration is always good. My experience at Motykie Medspa was great! The facility is gorgeous, the medical and spa staff were amazing , this procedure is amazing! I would highly recommend this to anyone considering an alternative to Liposuction for sure!”
coolsculpting before and after picturescoolsculpting before and after photo
“So it’s the day after my CoolSculpting treatment, I am more tender and I have developed a small bruise on my right side but I am not uncomfortable I feel good I am up and walking about and going about my routine without much strain or effort at all! If it wasn’t the weekend I am sure Id go to work after my treatment without hesitation! Crazy!!”
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