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Patient reviews of Dr. Motykie & Team

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As seen on RealSelf.com:

Love This Procedure! – West Hollywood, CA
26 Apr 2015
I had some stubborn fat on my abdomen that has been there even though I work out a lot. As I’ve gotten older and into my 40s I have stubborn fat on my hips and bra fat. I had CoolSculpting 8 weeks ago and it’s all been reduced. I love the results. The stomach caused some pain about a week after the procedure but it wasn’t unbearable and controlled with Advil and Benadryl at bedtime for the itching. I had my hips re-treated 2 weeks ago. Already my pants fit looser and I’m very happy. I was warned that I may experience some pain in my abdomen after. What I experienced was much less than I expected! 🙂 – smartty

As seen on Yelp:

Los Angeles, CA
4/23/2015 – Updated review
This is my second time back at this spa. My visits are only getting better!! I had Dr. Roger Tsai this time. He was extremely helpful with all my questions and concerns regarding treatment. He was very honest and made me feel very comfortable and took his time with everything that was going on. I will definitely recommend him, this spa and all their services to anyone. A big thumbs up!!! :-))
2/9/2015 – Previous review
I had a great experience having injections for the first time. I had my lips done and some botox. I was a little nervous but the RN was great and really made me feel comfortable. She knew exactly what was the perfect amount for me so it wouldn’t look like too much or over done! The recovery information she told me about was very helpful so I wasn’t feeling in the dark about anything. All in all, it was a great experience and I will definitely go back again! You can’t beat those deals and prices.  – Alex I.Los Angeles, CA

As seen on Yelp:

  • Los Angeles, CA

4/15/2015 – Updated review
Dr. Sai did amazing lioshttps://s3-media3.fl.yelpassets.com/bphoto/anqoixP_5Rj5cWzfJYIqCQ/168s.jpgMy second visit with Dr. Tsai. And he did great job on my lips.. no bruising and I don’t look like I have a beak. He is very professional and an artist with lips. I am definitely coming back again. He also did my botox and is very light handed. Impressive.
(Dr. Tsai did amazing lips)

2/15/2015 – Previous review
No photoshopdone just looking relaxed after Dr. Sai special touch.Was scared to try someone new for botox. I was told a male doctor was going to do my injections. I was really surprised and happy that he was light handed and no bruising. I usually bruise every time.  I will definitely be back for botox again. Dr. Tsai is amazing.
(No photo shop done… just looking relaxed after Dr. Tsai special touch) – Camille C.

As seen on Yelp:

  • Reseda, Los Angeles, CA

I love this place. I came in for Botox. All the staff is so nice and helpful. Dr. Roger Tsai was super nice. – Bree E.

As seen on Yelp:

  • Los Angeles, CA

I have always been really self-conscious of my tiny little bird lips and always wanted to get them done, but would seem to always chicken out when the time came (no pun intended ;P). So for my birthday this year I was determined that I was going to go through with it and look fabulous for my big day. After a ton of research I finally decided that I wanted to go to Kellie Gate at Motykie Med Spa for my injections.
I don’t think many businesses understand the importance of having a good receptionist. I have cancelled and decided to take my business elsewhere for the sole purpose of terrible customer service from the receptionist. Motykie Med Spa definitely knows this though because I felt so comfortable by the time I actually came in to get my procedure. They were so friendly, accommodating, and answered all of my questions. Even after my procedure they called me and checked up on me and answered all my first timer crazy questions! It really made me feel like my business was appreciated and they truly cared.
When I first arrived at the spa for my procedure I was impressed with how beautiful the spa was. It’s very modern, clean and sophisticated. After a couple minutes of filling out paperwork the RN pulled me in to the back room to have my consultation. She put a mirror in my hand and said to tell her exactly what I didn’t like and what changes I would like to see. She then applied numbing cream (Thank god!) and let it absorb for 30-40 minutes. When the time finally came I was extremely nervous and started to sweat like a whore in church so she gave me a silicone boob to squeeze on to alleviate some stress and boy did that help! I now understand why boys love breasts so much 😉 She would apply a little bit and then show me and ask if I wanted more or was pleased with where it was at. Even though I just wanted it to be over with, I’m glad she did this because I was able to construct my perfect lips with her. It was a bit uncomfortable, but definitely nothing close to the pain I was expecting. If you’re ok with needles then it will probably be a breeze for you, I’m just a bit of a needle phobe and got a little tense. When it was all over and I looked in the mirror I was so ecstatic I wanted to jump out of the chair and squeeze her, but I voted against it since I would most likely faint lol. She gave me extensive care instructions and under an hour I was already out the door looking fabulous.
They were pretty swollen for about a week, but I’m so impressed and absolutely in love with my new lips. They look so natural the Dr. I went on a date with (who also does injections and botox) couldn’t believe I had them done!!! I can now wear any lipstick color I want and not even have to over draw my lip liner! I will definitely be back & hopefully try some of the many other services they offer as well 😀 – Skye S.

As seen on Yelp:

  • Burbank, CA

Such a GREAT Experience at Motykie Med Spa! Their location was so Beautiful, Clean, one of a kind spa. The nurse and the aesthetician worked very well to create a plan for my facial and skin goals. I needed combo peels, lasers and some fillers to get there but the Staff was amazing, was so caring and made me feel so comfortable. The facial was so realizing and my skin had a great glow and the I had ZERO bruising on my fillers 🙂 I am recommending everyone to go to this spa!!!! – Kayla J.

As seen on Yelp:

  • Beverly Hills, CA

Hey there!  Today received a med spa facial from Stephanie.  She was very informative ,very friendly, to the point and was very in the know.  I was super impressed and grateful.  I will certainly go see her and the team there again for more treatments.   They are very clean, up to date and friendly.
Heather and Krystel were at the front desk.
Super helpful, fun and made me feel welcomed—   Thanks ladies !
I’ve been all around for facials – the ritz, st. Regis, four seasons etcxxx.   I’m done –
The place to go is here to get to the root of why one needs and wants a facial. – Katie C.

As seen on Yelp:

  • West Hollywood, CA

Omg my face looks so much better and natural glow from my facial and laser treatments!So happy to get Amazing Results from my facial & IPL treatments for Motykie Med Spa! I have tried other spas that gave me a fluff treatment that did nothing to improve the Quality of my Skin. After I have been going here, my skin is clear, glowing, no makeup needed! I’m so happy and Thankful. I religiously go in for my facial every month & laser a few times a year to maintain my glow and defy aging. Amazing Results. Omg my face looks so much better and natural glow from my facial and laser treatments! – Nina N.

A Patient’s Journey of Their Coolsculpting Process…

I’ve always had a layer of pudge on my tummy, which I didn’t really mind pre-kiddos, but the crepe-ing and overall looseness of my skin makes the extra weight really unbearable for me to look at. So it had to go.

I started a series of treatments with Motykie Med Spa in LA both to shrink down the inches and deal with the skin situation. I kicked it off with CoolSculpting (large suction head, lower abdomen) about four weeks ago.The procedure itself was no big deal. Mild discomfort in the beginning, slightly more moderate discomfort towards the end. I was a little claustrophobic, but I took a my prescribed anti-anxiety medication before the procedure and for the most part I was fairly relaxed. (Loved Tricia, she was incredibly soothing.) Read more about my experience

My Coolsculpting Before and After Photos

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Dr. Gary Motykie Patient Reviews:

Nothing but positive things to say…

This doctor really knows his job and what he is talking about.you can feel how serious and how much pride he takes in his work!!!!He took away any concerns i had when i met him and talked to him.Always positive in a good mood and caring.Also the Office Staff is super-professional and so nice and caring that you just dont want to leave;).I can only rate my overall experience with “EXCELLENT” and am more than happy with the results.i have shown pictures of what i wish the endresult to be and thats exactly what came out!Thumbs up for Dr.Motykie and his Staff!!!!!
See this full review of Dr. Gary Motykie at: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Gary_Motykie/reviews

There is no better plastic surgeon!

I just want to comment that my experience with Dr. Motykie was all that I expected it to be and more. He came to me high referred from many excited and more than pleased patients of his. Dr. Motykie does have a large celebrity and non-celebrity patient list that I only know of because they are some of my closest friends that have gone to Dr. Motykie for his discrete services. Most of us want our proceedures keep secret from the public and world and Dr. Motykie besides being a world class surgeon has never talked about our surgeries because of our requests. I know I will continue to go to Dr. Motykie as well as my circle of friends because there is no BETTER PLASTIC SURGEON out there. Between my friends we have meet literally every surgeon in LA/Beverly Hills and Dr. Motykie is the best.
See this full review of Dr. Gary Motykie at: http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Gary_Motykie/reviews#ixzz2hHXDeXB8

Dr. Gary Motykie is an amazing surgeon!

I came to Dr Motykie to fix my nose after I had two prior rhinoplasties that left me with a crooked nose that I couldn’t breath out of after the first surgery. I went on five other consultations before choosing Dr Motykie. Dr Motykie was the only surgeon that seemed confident and experienced enough to give me the nose I had been hoping for since my first surgery. I was scared to undergo surgery again but he assured me he could fix my nose and my breathing. He showed me imaging of my nose that blew me away! I was still worried I wouldn’t get the nose I wanted or even a nose that was at least straight. I went through with the surgery and I must say that I am happy for the first time in my life! He surpassed every expectation I had and my nose is better than I could have ever dreamed of. I went out on a date for the first time in five years and felt truly beautiful. Dr Motykie is a true artist and a kind caring doctor. Anyone would be blessed to have surgery with this amazing surgeon.
See this full review of Dr. Gary Motykie at: http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Gary_Motykie/reviews#ixzz2hHY8BHHC
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