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Juvederm Voluma Cheek Volumizer Before and After Photos

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Juvederm Voluma Cheek Volumizer Before and After Photos

juvederm voluma before and after picture
juvederm voluma before and after photo
Juvederm Voluma is among the latest hyaluronic acid fillers specifically developed to increase face volume so that it appears young and all wrinkle signs become less prominent. Since this procedure is relatively painless and has minimal side effects, it can be done easily at Dr. Motykie’s MedSpa located at West Hollywood, Los Angeles. During this procedure the filler is injected into cheek area to provide mass and volume to cheek so it looks full naturally. The product has been approved for cosmetic enhancement process by Food and Drug Administration since it is made of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance under the skin therefore is rarely harmful.

Effect of Juvederm Voluma

If one were to look at before and after photo graphs of several individuals who have used this product you can see a visible lift of cheek muscle within weeks which gives a youthful look to the face. This can be a part of a person’s facelift surgery procedure if desired or also as a separate procedure to enhance profile. Under the skilled hands of Dr. Gary Motykie this procedure will not take more than an hour and the patient can easily be driven home within a couple of hours at most. Since the Juvederm Voluma is a viscous gel based product it dissolves over a period of time and to get back the same look patient will have to visit a plastic surgeon once every year for the injection.

Juvederm Voluma Cheek Volumiser at West Hollywood

A person located in the vicinity of Beverly Hills or West Hollywood desirous of knowing more details can set up an appointment with Motykie’s MedSpa. The Medical Spa has trained staff  to assist patients in getting a clearer idea about their appearance after the procedure by viewing photographs of patients who have undergone this process. Photographs of patients taken after the procedure show that Juvederm Voluma generally takes a month to show optimal results. Though the website of Motykie’s MedSpa also has profile photographs of patients taken before and after the injection of Juvederm Voluma Cheek Volumiser every person is given a personalized profile about how their appearance is going to change using computer generated imagery.

Juvederm Cheek Volumiser at Dr. Motykie’s Medical Spa

Under the skillful hands of an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Motykie Juvederm Cheek Volumiser becomes a malleable product to reverse facial aging of a patient. With his experience of using products like these Dr. Motykie knows well about where the gel has to be injected deep into the skin for uplifting facial muscles in a natural manner. This procedure requires special training and understanding of facial contours and Dr. Motykie with his educational background in biomedical engineering and reconstructive surgery is just the right person to seek professional advice.
The staff at Motykie Medical Spa in West Hollywood puts a person to ease with a detailed analysis of likely after-effects of this procedure so no nasty surprises are in store for the patient. The staff also follows up after patient goes home post treatment to review progress and assure them of well being.
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Before and after photos provided by: http://www.juvederm.com/views/before-and-after/

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