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Why CoolSculpting® Beats Liposuction Any Day

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Woman in whiteWhat’s the tried-and-tested permanent fat loss method with an excellent safety record and impressive results? Did you say liposuction? In a way, you’re correct. But nowadays there is another technique that fits the above bill with a couple key advantages over its surgical sister: CoolSculpting® offers nonsurgical body contouring that achieves similar results to lipo with far less downtime and zero surgery.


While liposuction has a proven record of achieving impressive body contouring results, it’s still a complex procedure that requires great technical expertise and puts the patient at the same risks that go along with any surgical procedure. While lipo often requires multiple incision points and post-surgical drains, CoolSculpting® can deliver equivalent results with no cuts, stitches or anesthesia.

No Downtime

Most patients will need to take between a few days and week off of work and other activities in order to recover fully after liposuction. In addition, there may be significant swelling and discomfort for up to 10 days after the procedure. With CoolSculpting®, each treatment can be completed in under an hour, and you can go about your business as usual with no inconvenient downtime taking you away from work and family. In fact, you could even schedule CoolSculpting® on your lunch break and return to the office right on time. With no invasive cannulas or recovery time needed, this technique is far gentler on the body’s complex network of tissues.

Impressive Results

Most notably, CoolSculpting® achieves lipo-like results without the requisite downtime and discomfort. For patients seeking a permanent solution to localized fat deposits on the abdomen, flanks, and thighs, CoolSculpting® beats liposuction any day – and won’t leave you in stitches!

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