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Kybella Injections vs. Chin Liposuction

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Reduce Chin Fat

Many factors such as aging, sedentary lifestyle and genetics may lead to the development of excessive fatty deposits in the chin area causing the appearance of an unattractive double or triple chin.

Kybella Injection Before and After Photos

This condition could impact men as well as women equally. However, it can be addressed through a med spa nonsurgical procedure known as Kybella injections or a chin liposuction cosmetic surgery.

Patients should assess both Kybella and liposuction as alternatives for reduction in chin fat and comprehend the differences between the two treatment options. Reliable board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie leads Motykie Medical Spa which offers chin fat reduction procedures.

Ideal Candidates

For people seeking to accomplish sustainable and significant fat reduction via an invasive procedure, liposuction chin fat reduction plastic surgery is a suitable procedure.

The patient should be medically fit to undergo anesthesia and be accepting of the risks associated with a surgical procedure as well as be able to afford the costs of the liposuction. This procedure involves a significant downtime, and the patient should be willing and able to invest sufficient time to recover from the procedure.

On the other hand, patients seeking a nonsurgical med spa procedure with minimal risks of complications, negligible discomfort and downtime, and no requirement for general anesthesia will find the Kybella injectable treatment appropriate for their needs.

In comparison to liposuction, Kybella is a more recent treatment option. However, Kybella is FDA-approved and has rapidly gained popularity for the outstanding results that it offers in a nonsurgical way.


Only a fully trained and board certified plastic surgeon should perform liposuction surgery. There are various techniques available today to eliminate pockets of extra fat beneath the chin. The surgeon will recommend a suitable procedure for the patient. They may perform it with laser or ultrasound technology to render it less invasive and more efficient.

Tumescent liposuction is a sought-after technique which typically negates the requirement for general anesthesia. In case the patient has weak skin elasticity, the surgeon may undertake the liposuction along with a neck lift to eliminate excess skin in the area.

Patients should understand that chin liposuction may lead to minor scarring. However, the surgeon will place incisions discreetly to ensure that the scarring is minimal.

Conversely, Kybella injectable treatment is entirely nonsurgical with no involvement of cuts or incisions. The patient will undergo multiple treatment session of nearly 20 minutes each.

The provider will administer many Kybella injections during each session depending on the unique needs of the patient. Kybella treatment should also be performed under the guidance and supervision of a board certified plastic surgeon.

Other Differences

Kybella Injections have received FDA approval exclusively for the elimination of submental fat (fatty tissue below the chin). The patient may need additional procedures if they require further correction for sagging or loose skin.

On the other hand, liposuction can achieve fat reduction in various areas of the body for more complete body contouring results. The accomplished Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and cities and suburbs in this region of The Golden State for chin fat reduction procedures.

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