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The Top 3 Treatment Spots for CoolSculpting®

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Cropped image of woman's waist and upper legs isolated on whiteWith the power to permanently remove stubborn fat naturally, many of our patients are itching to know more about CoolSculpting®, the refreshingly cool yet gentle way to tackle troublesome fat. Liposuction-like results with no downtime or discomfort and using your body’s own natural elimination processes to get rid of fat forever? Believe it or not, CoolSculpting® can do just that. Here are the top three CoolSculpting® target zones that just might help you finally achieve the toned and trim physique you’ve worked so hard for already.

1. Belly

CoolSculpting® can tackle pesky fat on the belly and abdomen for a trim, toned waistline. This technique works with your body’s natural processes to selectively target fat cells without damaging other tissue so you can achieve a smooth, chiseled appearance throughout the abdomen and stomach.

2. Love Handles

Those irritating pockets of fat that love to hang out around the sides of your abdomen might as well be called “hate handles” considering how many patients we hear asking for targeted treatment of excess fat in this area. CoolSculpting® can be especially effective at permanently eliminating these fatty deposits so you can enjoy a well-defined waistline again.

3. Thighs

CoolSculpting® has always been available to treat the outer thighs (flanks), but the FDA recently cleared the treatment for use on the inner thighs as well. If you’re hoping to create a more toned look to the upper legs, whether you struggle with fat on the inner or outer thighs, this very “cool” approach to fat loss could help you see a trimmer, tighter thigh.

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