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Spider Vein Removal With Asclera® Injections Before And After Photos

Spider Vein Removal 

Spider Vein Removal With Asclera® Injections Before And After PhotosSpider veins and minor varicose veins can make the skin in the affected areas look unappealing. These conditions can result in discomfort and other similar complications if not treated in time. Diseased veins can be addressed by various treatment options. Your vein expert will recommend a suitable treatment option based on your aesthetic goals and individual condition.

Spider vein removal medical spa therapy using Asclera injections is becoming highly popular. Your vein specialist may show you Asclera injection sclerotherapy before and after pictures to help you make a proper decision.

Motykie Med Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides Asclera (polidocanol) injections for spider vein removal and treatment to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

Connecting with New Patients

Connections can be developed easily when treatment providers show before and after pictures to new patients. You may be in a better position to understand how Asclera injection therapy works in reducing the impact of spider veins after looking at before and after images. New patients feel more confident and reassured as well about the procedure after looking at visual evidence.

Patients are appreciative of treatment providers that adopt a forthcoming and transparent approach for helping them make judicious decisions. A positive mindset is developed by candidates after they look at other patients undergoing similar treatment with successful outcomes. It also helps in creating an environment of openness and trust.

This correlates with transparency which is pivotal in the plastic surgery industry. Transparency may not always come into play in the entertainment industry or the political theater but when you want someone to volunteer to allow you to conduct treatment on them or schedule a noninvasive surgery you need to build trust. And trust is hard to obtain if you are not transparent and Dr. Motykie is which is why he has been in this field for so long and why he’s so successful.

He’s earned the trust of lots of people.

Pictures Speak Volumes

Treatment providers can effectively communicate their message by showing spider vein before and after images. Images are more effective at telling the story than words. Words are hard to understand and are open to interpretation. These restrictions are not present with images. Asclera injection before and after images are immune to barriers of language.

Educating Using Social Media Platforms

Potential of Asclera injection before and after images for educating people and increasing awareness has increased in recent years with the dominance of social media. YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook enjoy billions of users that can easily access before and after images.

Asclera injection before and after images can be shared in multiple ways for increasing awareness about the procedure. Surgeons can present photos in the following ways:

  • Website galleries: creating an image gallery on the website which has not occurred yet for this type of treatment, but this does not mean the website cannot be updated any day of the week
  • Portfolio: potential patients can look at image portfolios
  • Blog posts: posts can be made more effective by posting images
  • Social media: images can optimize social media posts for spreading awareness in a discreet manner

Detailed Asclera injection before and after pictures can be created by surgeons for educational and promotional purposes. The gallery can portray surgeon’s expertise and skills while informing prospective patients about the benefits of the procedure.

Create Realistic Expectations

Significant results can be achieved with Asclera injection based spider vein medical spa treatment. However, patients need to understand the limitations of noninvasive procedures. Realistic expectations reduce the risk of disappointment at a later stage. Asclera injection ‘before and after’ images can be useful in this endeavor.

Motykie Med Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for Asclera injections (polidocanol) for spider vein removal and treatment.

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