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SmartGraft Hair Restoration Before and After Photos

SmartGraft Hair Restoration Before and After PhotosSmartGraft is a hair restoration medspa procedure that involves a less invasive, automated process of transplanting hair grafts. At the time of initial consultation, the treatment provider will explain all aspects of SmartGraft and describe its benefits in comparison to other treatment alternatives.
The provider may also present SmartGraft hair restoration before and after photographs at the first appointment. Motykie Medical Spa, led by experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, is a premier provider of SmartGraft. The medical spa provides this procedure to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

What are SmartGraft Before and After Photographs?

Before and after photographs in case of SmartGraft hair restoration medspa procedure refer to a set of pictures belonging to a previous patient who has received the same procedure with satisfactory results. The set includes photographs taken before the procedure and after the procedure at a stage when full results of SmartGraft have been established. This stage normally occurs in about 12 to 14 months after treatment.
The treatment provider will ensure that SmartGraft before and after images are acquired from the patient with their complete consent. The images are presented before new patients in a discreet way. The sole purpose behind this exercise is to educate new patients about SmartGraft and explain its potential effectiveness in order to help them make the right decision.
Digital technology has transformed every industry in the world and this includes those working for the private or the public sector. Now with digital assistance someone can see what this surgeon can do for them before they ever schedule a meeting. This means that when they do meet the meeting could be shorter and the patient is already on a more comfortable footing since they know what the surgeon can do. They also know how this surgery will look on them. This reduces any ambiguity.


It is likely that a patient who may seek SmartGraft may have already tried other treatments with limited success. Therefore, they may be skeptical about the outcome with SmartGraft. Some patients may be concerned whether the procedure will meet their personal aesthetic goals or not.
In all such cases, the provider can address the patient’s concerns and satisfy them with the presentation of authentic before and after photos. Motykie medical spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for SmartGraft.

Reasonable Expectations

Most satisfying outcomes in any cosmetic or anti-aging procedure are usually achieved when the patient has reasonable expectations and knows exactly what the procedure can or cannot do for them. A treatment provider will always like to have this situation for their patients. Therefore, they will try to present SmartGraft before and after photos at the first appointment.
This simple effort will mitigate the risk of any disappointment or misunderstanding occurring at a later stage. All parties benefit from this process, and the patient can enjoy successful and satisfying results for a long time to come.

Photos on Social Media and Website

Social platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit community are highly popular. If the treatment provider has an active presence over these social media channels, they may present SmartGraft before and after photos here. Viewers may share the photos around and a wider visibility can be achieved.
Alternatively, the treatment provider can create a dedicated Photo Gallery section on their medical spa website. SmartGraft ‘before and after’ photos can be uploaded in this section for instant free access to all past, present, and future patients.
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SmartGraft Hair Restoration Before and After Photos
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