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Safe and Effective Medical Benefits of Botox – Dr. Motykie Featured on the Marie Show

Board Certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, spoke on this subject on the Marie Show!

Botox is probably the most popular anti-aging treatment in the world at present. Almost everyone is aware about the “instant” benefits of Botox to make facial lines and wrinkles disappear. However, Botox has much more to offer than just cosmetic benefits. In fact, it was originally used only for medical purposes and only later its cosmetic benefits were discovered.

An Overview of Botox

Botulinum toxin, the chemical that makes Botox, was discovered more than a century ago. It took nearly thirty years of scientific testing to evaluate the medical benefits of Botox for human beings. In 1980, the treatment was first injected to treat the problem of ‘crossed eyes’ and uncontrolled blinking. During the trials, doctors noticed that Botox treatment produced a cosmetic benefit of reduction of wrinkles and lines around the eyes. The treatment received approval from FDA in 2002. At present, Botox is used in over 4.7 million cosmetic procedures every year.
Botox works on the principle of blocking neuromuscular communication, which allows an overactive muscle to relax temporarily. It is important to understand that the chemical used in Botox is one of the most powerful and lethal substances. Extremely diluted forms of the chemical are used in Botox injections. The treatment must be taken from an experienced Botox professional or cosmetic surgeon for a safe and effective outcome.

Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Serious conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) involve muscular dysfunction. Muscle function can become disrupted in two ways. They can either lose their activity and become paralyzed, or they can become overactive and develop cramping or spasticity.
In case of MS, there is a communication breakdown between the muscles and nerves. This effect is known as spasticity. Muscles want to cramp all the time due to the disruption of communication with the nervous system. Botox can address this condition when the medication is injected directly into the problematic muscles.

Treatment of Bladder Control Issues

The urinary bladder is basically one large muscle that works quite like a water balloon, and holds urine until we are ready to go to the restroom. The bladder is able to hold urine for a fair amount of time and releases it when required due to a communication process between the brain and the bladder.
If the bladder muscles become spastic, urine leakage can occur without the patient’s own control. Oral medications to treat this condition can have potential side effects, while surgical treatments are complex and not perfect. Botox can be a simpler and effective solution to calm down the overactive bladder. One in six adults suffers from some kind of bladder over-activity, and Botox provides a safe solution with minimal side effects.

Other Botox Treatments

Botox is also approved for treatment of various other medical conditions such as excessive sweating, jaw pain and chronic migraines. Botox injections can be administered within a few minutes, and the effects can last for about four to six months. A typical Botox treatment would cost around $200-250 for each treatment area. Safety, effectiveness and minimal side effects make Botox a treatment of choice for thousands of patients.
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