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PDO Thread Lift Non-Invasive Facelift Recovery Time

PDO Thread Lift Non-Invasive Facelift Recovery TimeFor people seeking to improve the appearance of loose skin, the PDO Thread Lift is an effective non-surgical med spa facelift treatment. 

It is most suitable for men and women who are not willing to undergo the extensive downtime of a facelift surgery but want to appear rejuvenated and lifted in a natural manner. 

Motykie Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides PDO thread lift to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.



The patient may or may not experience bruising after the procedure, depending on the types of threads used and the sites treated. They may expect some mild inflammation and soreness for three to five days after the procedure, as well as a mild sensation of tightness for up to two weeks. There may also be temporary mild dimpling of the skin, which resolves in a few days.

Some side effects pertain to the technique of insertion, and the types of threads used. Thread migration, surface depressions, and even extrusion, prolonged pain, facial symmetry, and prolonged dimpling are some potential side effects. 

All PDO threads are not the same, and the doctor’s training in the procedure is also vitally important in ensuring a good result with minimal side effects from the procedure. 


After Care

Following are some vital post-treatment recommendations to ensure that the patient accomplishes the best outcomes from their med spa treatment and to ensure a comfortable procedure:

  • Apply a cold pack right after the procedure, if necessary
  • Take mild pain medications in case of pain
  • For the initial 48 hours, avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  • Contact the doctor in case of persistent pain
  • Non-alcoholic makeup may be used gently after a duration of 24 hours
  • Sleep face up in a raised position (three to five nights)
  • Wash, shave, and dry face in a gentle manner without rubbing (five days)
  • Avoid over-exposure to direct sunlight as well as not use tanning beds (two weeks)
  • Avoid sports, especially high impact ones, such as running (two weeks)
  • Avoid excessive facial movements (two weeks)
  • Avoid blood ‘thinning’ vitamins C and E for seven days

The amount of swelling and tenderness will be proportional to the number of threads a patient has. In case they have more threads around the cheek region, or close to the mouth, they will feel more pull when they laugh or smile.


What Results Can I Expect After The Treatment? How Long Do They Last?

The skin is instantly lifted after a PDO thread lifting procedure, as the threads offer support to lift skin in its new position. They may appear slightly tighter than the final outcome, but in around one week, they will start to appear much more natural. 

The full effects of the rejuvenation procedure will kick in after one to two months. At this time, the patient will notice better skin texture as well as tauter, smoother skin. The doctor may focus more on either skin lifting or skin rejuvenation during the procedure. The results will differ between people, depending on the technique used.

In around nine months after the treatment, the threads would have dissolved. However, the outcomes will still be visible for many more months. According to doctors, the patient should repeat the procedure six to nine months after the initial procedure to allow for a sustainable outcome for up to three years. 

Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for PDO thread lift.


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PDO Thread Lift Non-Invasive Facelift Recovery Time

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