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More Men Seeking Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction

More Men Seeking Non-Surgical Double Chin Reduction
Having a double chin is one of the common occurrences among men, including the ones who may not be overweight. In many cases, the unwanted accumulation of submental fat can occur due to genetic factors. One of the challenges is it is hard to reduce stubborn fats below the chin through diet or exercise. Liposuction plastic surgery is a viable option, but for a busy, working man it can be difficult to take several days off for this surgery and its recovery.
The recent introduction of Kybella non-surgical injectable treatment for double chin reduction is proving to be a highly effective solution for all such men. Kybella is the first and only injectable treatment that has been approved by the FDA for reduction of submental fat or double chin. Leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides a Kybella double chin reduction procedure to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.


It is a misconception that only women may feel self-conscious about the appearance of a double chin. The fact is that many men are likely to feel equally self-conscious and dissatisfied with the unsightly look of a double chin. For busy men in particular, plastic surgery such as liposuction is a difficult choice due to the prolonged downtime involved. Such men will usually make ideal candidates for Kybella injectable treatment.
Even men who follow a regular exercise regimen and a balanced diet plan may suffer from a double chin due to hereditary factors. In case of overweight men, the surgeon may consider only such candidates whose weight has stabilized to a certain level. Dr. Motykie is an eminent cosmetic surgeon who receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for a Kybella double chin reduction.

Setting New Trends

Only about one in 10 patients who visit a plastic surgeon’s office is a male, while the remaining are females. However, now with the arrival of the Kybella double chin reduction treatment, this typical trend is all set to change. Plastic surgeons can now expect to receive at least 40 to 50% of their Kybella patients who are male. In fact, on certain days, the number of men seeking Kybella procedure at a practice may be higher than that of women.
Many of the men belong to the business world where they need to wear formal clothes at work. The presence of excess submental fat tissue or double chin is likely to make them feel uncomfortable all day while wearing a suit and tie. Given a choice, they would go for loose-fitting clothes and open collared shirts, but that is typically unacceptable in the corporate world.
It is a common sight to find men with a double chin in the corporate world who frequently adjust their neck, if they are wearing a top-buttoned shirt and a necktie. This has become a key reason for the growing acceptance of Kybella injectable solution for men, who are keen to choose an alternative to surgery to reduce a double chin.
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