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Latisse for Thicker Eyebrow Growth Before and After Photos

Latisse for Thicker Eyebrow Growth Before and After PhotosLatisse is a unique medspa prescription treatment to enhance eyelashes. Many patients are also able to achieve a thicker eyebrow growth by using Latisse on the brows. During the initial consultation, the treatment provider will discuss all aspects of Latisse for eyebrows, and give appropriate guidance to the patient.
Some providers may present Latisse for thicker eyebrow growth before and after photographs at the time of first consultation. This will help the patient understand the potential effectiveness of the treatment. Motykie Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides Latisse to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.

What are Latisse Eyebrow Before and After Pictures?

Before and after pictures in case of Latisse for thicker eyebrow growth procedure refer to a pair or group of images belonging to a previous patient who has completed the full course of Latisse treatment with successful results. The images are taken before the procedure and after the procedure at a time when the full effects of Latisse treatment have appeared.
The medspa treatment provider will take care to ensure that the photos are obtained with the consent of the patient, and presented before new patients in a discreet way. The patient’s identity may be kept undisclosed as per the standard protocol. The only purpose of the Latisse treatment provider is to use these photos as a visual tool to educate new patients about various aspects of Latisse for thicker eyebrow growth.


A new patient seeking Latisse for thicker eyebrow growth may not necessarily have a clear idea of how this treatment will help meet their personal aesthetic goals. While Latisse for eyelashes is an FDA approved procedure, Latisse for eyebrows is an innovative, non-label treatment. Therefore, a new patient can have concerns about its efficacy.
Some patients may need a full course of Latisse treatment for both eyelashes and brows, while some others may only require limited improvement in the brows. In each situation, the patient will be better placed to make the right choices when they have access to Latisse before and after photos.

Having Realistic Expectations

An experienced treatment provider will always prefer that the patient has a positive mindset, clear aesthetic goals, and realistic expectations before going ahead with the Latisse for thicker eyebrow growth treatment. Such patients typically achieve higher satisfaction levels from the procedure in the end.
Latisse ‘before and after’ photos can help in this process. The patient will know clearly what to expect and what not to expect from the outcome of the procedure. This will also mitigate the risk of any disappointment occurring later on for the patient.

Online Photos

The treatment provider has an option to provide Latisse eyebrow before and after photos on their practice website but in this particular case this surgery is not shown on this extensive and incredible website though this does not mean you still cannot see amazing and salient digital pictures during the consultation.
New patients can review the photos online in the comfort and privacy of their home or office even before they make up their mind about visiting the med spa for a consultation. The terrific and sagacious Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other cities and communities for Latisse.     
Now what digital technology has done for many other industries it has done for plastic surgeons as well. They are able to show patients their incredible and stellar handiwork. If a patient is not content with what they see then that patient does not have to have the surgery. These digital pictures offer clarity to any patient that years ago was just not possible to ascertain.
The website is amazing and any patient or viewer can see picture after picture that verifies the skill and dexterity of Dr. Motykie. He has satisfied a plenitude of patients and he does not want any patient to sign up for one of his surgeries if they are absolutely sure what they are contemplating.
Latisse for Thicker Eyebrow Growth Before and After Photos
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