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Laser Resurfacing Risks and Recovery

Laser Resurfacing Risks and RecoveryLaser skin resurfacing is generally considered a safe medspa procedure with mild, temporary side effects. In most cases, the skin will feel like a mild sunburn in the treated areas, and some degree of swelling and redness may occur for a few days. Some patients may also experience a stinging or itching sensation for a few days.
An experienced laser treatment provider will perform the procedure with precision and controlled heat according to the patient’s cosmetic needs and their skin type and color. Motykie medical spa provides laser skin resurfacing to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

Potential Risks

Depending on the type of laser treatment, some patients may have what looks like a severe sunburn. The skin become raw, oozing, and may even develop blisters. A yellow liquid may ooze from the treated areas to form a crust. The patient should refrain from scratching or picking at the crust to avoid scarring.
Acne flares and bacterial infections are other potential risks that may occur following laser skin resurfacing. The medspa treatment provider may recommend a short course of antibiotics before and after the procedure to minimize the risk. If laser resurfacing is performed around the mouth, it may have the risk of reactivating cold sores.
The patient should inform the provider about their history of cold sores, if any. Reactivation may be prevented by taking antiviral medication before and after the procedure. Hyperpigmentation may occur in some cases, and the treated area may become darker in tone. A bleaching solution may be advised by the provider to improve the appearance.
Small white bumps or milia may appear during the healing process. A gentle cleansing solution with a washcloth can help to remove these bumps. Scarring is rare, but it may occur in some cases. If the procedure is performed around the eyes, the provider may prescribe oral steroids to address the risks of swelling.


Recovery in case of Erbrium laser will take about one week, while CO2 laser resurfacing can take about two weeks. Following the initial healing period, the skin will become dry and peel. An ice pack can be used in the first two days to minimize swelling. The following steps can help the patient achieve a faster recovery:

  • Clean the treated areas a few times a day with saline or diluted vinegar solution as advised by the treatment provider.
  • Apply skin care ointments recommended for skin healing.
  • Use a special sunscreen, which is formulated for rejuvenated, sensitive skin on the face. The provider will recommend the right type of sunscreen, which must be applied every day.
  • A liberal amount of moisturizer should be applied each day as per the provider’s advice.

Once the treated area begins to peel, the new, rejuvenated skin will be pink. It will gradually lighten over two to three months, but may take up to a year to acquire the full natural complexion. Motykie medical spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for laser skin resurfacing.

Laser Resurfacing Risks and Recovery

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