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Is it safe to use Botox for the long-term?

Is it safe to use Botox for the long-term?The main component of Botox injections is botulinum toxin type A. The bacterium Clostridium botulinum produces this neurotoxin.


Attention to Detail

If administered wrongly, this is the same toxin that can cause botulism, which is a life-threatening condition. However, the effects of botulinum toxin type A can be aesthetically appealing and medical safe when it is injected correctly in small, precise doses.

Once the medication is injected, Botox obstructs the signals from the nerves to the muscles. This prevents the injected muscles from contracting. Botox med spa treatment is beneficial for certain muscular conditions as well as for enhancing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for Botox injectable treatment.


Is it Botox Safe?

Botulinum toxin is very powerful, but small does are considered safe, and Botox injections comprise small doses of Botox.

The safety of Botox injections is highlighted by the fact that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported only 36 cases of adverse effects from the cosmetic use of Botox between 1989 and 2003. Furthermore, thirteen of these cases may be related to an underlying condition rather than Botox itself.

Some researchers contend that the cosmetic use of Botox may involve less risk than therapeutic Botox injections as the doses in the former application are typically much smaller.

According to a 2005 study, the adverse effects of Botox were more likely reported with a therapeutic application. The reason for such reactions may be an underlying condition or the requirement of higher doses to treat the condition. Regardless, the overall risk of Botox use is minimal, and it is largely considered a safe drug.

Patients should always work with a cosmetic surgeon or board-certified dermatologist for Botox injectables. Side-effects from the treatment are more likely if the injections are not prepared according to FDA guidelines or injected by an inexperienced doctor.

The patient should not undergo Botox med spa treatment if she is pregnant or nursing.


What are the Side Effects to watch for?

Botox injectable treatment is relatively safe, but the patient may experience minor side effects such as:

  • Headache
  • Pain, inflammation, or bruising at the injection site
  • Fever
  • Chills

Some Botox side effects are related to the injection area. For instance, upon receiving injections in the eye area, the patient may experience:

  • Uneven eyebrows
  • Drooping lids
  • Excessive tearing
  • Dry eyes

A majority of the side effects are temporary and generally resolve within a few days. Importantly, side effects such as drooping lids, asymmetry, and drooling occur due to the unintentional impact of the toxin on the muscles around the treatment sites of the medication. Such side effects may take many weeks to resolve as the effects of the drug subside gradually.


The Bottom Line

Patients considering Botox treatments should work with a licensed medical practitioner. It may be more inexpensive to work with a provider who is unlicensed, but doing so can increase the risk of complications for the patient. The effects of Botox last from three to six months and the patient will likely need multiple treatments.

There are potential side effects associated with Botox, similar to any cosmetic procedure. Patients should consult their doctors to understand what they can expect during the injection process and recovery phase. Their doctor can answer any questions that they may have on the Botox injectable procedure.

Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for Botox.


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Is it safe to use Botox for the long-term?

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