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HydraFacial Med Spa in Beverly Hills

HydraFacial Med Spa in Beverly Hills

HydraFacial Med Spa in Beverly HillsHydraFacial is a premier aesthetic skin procedure that can help provide youthful looking, resplendent, and enriched facial skin. This advanced medspa procedure is used by eminent celebrities to maintain healthy and attractive skin for a long time. The procedure is designed to provide detoxed, hydrated and rejuvenated skin for a luminous complexion.
HydraFacial combines cutting edge medical technology with invigorating spa therapy to produce outstanding results. Motykie medical spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, is a leading provider of HydraFacial and other innovative non-surgical procedures. The med spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

Distinguishing Features

Facial treatments are commonly available at any average med spa, but not everyone can provide custom designed health and beauty packages in a state of the art spa environment. This is where Motykie medspa distinguishes itself by going the extra mile to create innovative and highly effective aesthetic solutions for facial skin. HydraFacial involves an advanced skin therapy aimed at repairing damaged and promoting skin renewal.
Aesthetic experts at Dr. Motykie’s med spa have specialized training in applying the HydraFacial system, which can help neutralize free radicals and provide protection against harsh environmental factors. The med spa operates with core commitment to provide proactive wellness with advanced systems such as HydraFacial.
Every skin care procedure at the Modykie medical spa is customized personally by Dr. Gary Motykie, who is renowned for his holistic treatment approach. With a professional background in plastic surgery, non-invasive aesthetics, nutrition, fitness, and alternative wellness, Dr. Motykie is in the best position to offer consummate aesthetic procedures such as HydraFacial. Patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive treatments at the med spa.

HydraFacial Highlights

The HydraFacial system employs a series of patented HydroPeel tips. Each of the tips has several peeling edges aimed at exfoliating the skin multiple times with each pass for advanced results and superior texture. At the Motykie medical spa, the equipment for HydraFacial has a unique spiral design that provides a “vortex” effect to identify and eliminate impurities. At the same time, the system hydrates the skin at the cellular level with powerful antioxidants.
HydraFacial involves a comprehensive five step system that includes exfoliation and cleansing, a gentle acid peel, painless extractions, and preservation and antioxidant hydration with “HydraFacial Daily Essentials” serum. The results with this system are fantastically aesthetically appealing. For optimal results, the patient may require there to six treatment sessions, which are spaced two to four weeks apart.
One of the key roles of HydraFacial is to target free radicals, which are a combination of stressors released with toxins, pollution, and sun damage. If left untreated, these stressors lead to skin damage and conspicuous signs of aging.


The HydraFacial system removes the surface damage to the skin, which may be caused by dead skin cells and environmental pollution. This is executed with powerful with gentle HydroPeel tips. These tools have a multifaceted peeling surface, and a spiral design allows for quicker dislodging of toxins. While the system removes environmental impurities and aging free radicals, it also infuses the skin with concentrated natural antioxidants for a deeply healing and restoring impact.
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