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Healthy patients make the best patients!

Healthy patients make the best patients!Dr. Gary Motykie, a Beverly Hills-based, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon emphasizes the importance of health to his patients when determining whether or not they will be a good candidate for surgery.  Prior to becoming a surgeon, Dr Motykie was a fitness expert, personal trainer and avid body builder.
While he realizes that nobody is perfect, he does his best to encourage his patients and everyone to do their best to practice living a well-balanced life.

Willing to turn away a patient that isn’t a good candidate for surgery

Whether an individual’s health is currently compromised or they are not willing to make necessary long-term lifestyle changes, don’t be shocked to learn that he will often turn people away for surgery.
Dr. Motykie is willing to say no to surgery and offers advice to such candidates in hopes that they will begin to make better health and fitness choices.  He is wise enough to know that a healthy patient makes a better patient because they will heal faster and their results will be most optimal.

How do you know if you are a good candidate for plastic surgery?

Dr. Motykie has spent the past 10 years dedicated to designing an integrative approach to health, wellness, nutrition and surgery in the hopes of taking plastic surgery to the next level of evolution in the beauty and anti-aging industry.  He can’t stress enough that “everyone has something to detox from” whether it be environmental factors, food allergies, medications or lifestyle choices.  The before and after slide of the patient’s recent eye surgery reinforces this theory.  This particular patient had recently discovered that she had a severe Gluten allergy so happened to be detoxing for over a month by not only an elimination diet, to starve her system of sugar, but also totally avoided caffeine and alcohol.  As the photos prove, healing occurs quickly when you are at the hands of a gifted surgeon and your body is performing optimally.
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