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Hair Restoration And Transplant Med Spa Center

Hair Restoration And Transplant Med Spa CenterIn the US, millions of men and women continue to struggle with hair loss. Hair restoration treatments of the past required an invasive surgical procedure. However, an innovative med spa hair transplant technique is now available to patients to change all that.

SmartGraft makes use of a unique and ‘smart’ device to restore lost or thinning hair without the involvement of a scalpel. This decreases the recovery time from several weeks to just one or two days while still offering the patient natural looking and feeling results.


The Process

This technology enables a gentler and more targeted extraction of the hair. This hair is then counted, sorted, and moistened in a special holding canister until implantation.

This improves the ability of the graft to survive and enhances natural hair growth in depleted areas. The outcome is thicker and more natural looking hair.

Motykie Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides innovative hair transplant treatments, including SmartGraft, to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


The Motykie Med Spa Difference

  • Motykie Med Spa offers patients cutting-edge and effective treatment options. The innovative SmartGraft technology is a part of these advanced treatment options available to patients. This technique has been developed by physicians, medical scientists, and engineers to provide patients minimally invasive hair restoration.
  • Dr. Motykie’s team is highly experienced and skilled in the use of the SmartGraft technology to offer patients a faster recovery and the amazing outcomes that they have come to expect from Motykie Med Spa.
  • The Med Spa focuses on offering patients holistic wellness and confidence through innovative procedures such as SmartGraft to enable them to appear as desirable and vivacious as they feel.
  • Every technology and product at the Med Spa has been carefully handpicked by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie who is renowned across the country has his vast knowledge of general health, fitness, nutrition, and alternative wellness methods to heal the skin and body from within.


SmartGraft Key Facts

  • The patient can undergo SmartGraft in-office under only local anesthesia.
  • The procedure uses a motorized handpiece to delicately extract grafts of one to four hair follicles with no scalpel use.
  • As the SmartGraft technology only extracts tiny amounts of hair follicles, there is no linear scar on the back of the patient’s head from where the donor hair follicles are usually sourced.
  • The recovery period is only one to two days.
  • The SmartGraft technology offers patients natural hair and permanent outcomes.  



The procedure involves the use of a handpiece to delicately and cautiously extract grafts from a donor site where the hair is thicker and denser and is genetically predisposed to re-grow.  

The SmartGraft treatment involves only shaving tiny areas of the donor sites so that the areas of extraction can be discreetly hidden. The grafts are automatically counted, separated, and stored in an environmentally controlled canister.  

This procedure involves moistening the hair grafts which decreases the procedure time and allows them to be implanted faster. This increases their rate of survival. The implanted sites will regrow the patient’s own hair for permanent and dramatic hair growth outcomes.



The patient should begin to experience new hair growth in around three months after the procedure. There will be a noticeable improvement after six months, and the outcomes will continue to enhance for 12 to 14 months following the treatment.

Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for hair transplant. 

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Hair Restoration And Transplant Med Spa Center

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