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Face Slimming: Non-Surgical Square Jaw Reduction with Botox

Face Slimming: Non-Surgical Square Jaw Reduction with BotoxMany people wish to have a slimmer, V-shaped facial profile by reducing the appearance of a square jaw, but do not want to go through a surgical procedure for this purpose. Botox is a proven medspa procedure that can help to achieve square jaw reduction in a completely non-surgical way. Botox treatment will focus on the large masseter muscle that can make the face appear bigger or too square at the jaws.
Botox injections are administered in a targeted way at each side of the jaw to create a slimmer jaw line. Once the square jaw appearance is reduced, the Botox expert will contour the face to provide an appealing V-shape. Motykie medical spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides Botox for square jaw reduction to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

How does Botox treatment Work?

Botox is a highly effective medspa procedure to achieve non-surgical square jaw reduction in a minimally invasive manner. A treatment provider who is specially trained in the one-point injection technique can produce desirable results with just one Botox injection per side of the jaw. The provider will inject Botox directly into the masseter muscle on each side at such a point that it spreads evenly to multiple points.
The provider can ensure that a single Botox injection reaches five targeted points within the masseter muscle to create the required outcomes. An expert will take less than five minutes to complete the procedure, with the patient experiencing little to no discomfort or downtime. Full results of the face slimming and jaw reduction will establish in about two to eight weeks.

Unique One-Point Procedure

Traditionally, the square jaw reduction with Botox will involve about three to six injection points on each side of the jaw. This can discourage many patients who are uncomfortable with the idea of receiving three to six jabs on each side of the face. Therefore, the single-point skin injection technique offers a far simpler and safer answer to the challenge of face slimming, and produces the same effect in a minimally invasive way.
An important point to note is that the one-point technique and the multiple-point technique, both deliver the same amount of Botox medication to the same number of points in the masseter muscle. There is no difference in the impact for the patient. Motykie medical spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles and nearby areas for Botox face slimming and other cosmetic non-surgical procedures.

Using Botox with Facial Fillers

In some cases, the med spa treatment provider may recommend a combination of Botox and FDA approved facial fillers to achieve a more attractive V shape and a slimmer face. One or two point facial filler injections to the chin can be performed along with Botox jaw contouring to create more comprehensive results.
Even in case of dermal fillers, the traditional injection approach will involve four to five jabs or more. But with the special face slimming injection technique, the treatment can be reduced to one or two point filler injections. This conservative approach involves nearly 75 percent less skin injection points overall than traditional jaw reduction and chin augmentation treatments.
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Face Slimming: Non-Surgical Square Jaw Reduction with Botox
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