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Dermal Filler Procedure Steps

Dermal Filler Procedure StepsAlthough a wide variety of dermal filler injections are available today, the medspa procedure to perform each treatment remains quite similar. During the initial consultation, the treatment provider will discuss the steps involved in the preparation and actual procedure.
Patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive dermal filler treatments and various other cosmetic non-surgical procedures at Motykie medical spa.


During the initial consultation, the treatment provider will determine the patient’s candidacy for dermal filler injections. Once the appropriate filler injections and the customized injection plan are finalized, the provider will instruct the patient to stop smoking for a certain period of time. If the patient is taking any blood thinning or anti-inflammatory medications, they will have to stop using them for about three days prior to the treatment.
If the chosen dermal filler medspa procedure involves bovine collagen injections, a skin allergy test may be ordered to ensure patient’s safety. If the patient already has a history of severe allergies, they may be recommended alternative procedures in place of dermal fillers.
The patient will be advised to avoid wearing makeup while visiting for their filler injection appointment. Once the treatment is completed, the patient can resume their skin care and makeup routine.

Injection Procedure

The dermal filler gel will arrive at the practice packed in a sterile ready to use syringe form. The size of the needles chosen for the procedure will vary according to the type of dermal filler selected. For instance, fillers with a smooth gel consistency will allow the provider to use thinner needles and apply less pressure during the injection.
In any case, prior to administering the injection, the provider will numb the affected area of the face with a topical anesthetic cream. The filler gel will be injected into the mid to deep dermis, depending on the degree of correction needed. The injection treatment session will usually last for less than half an hour.
Motykie medical spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for cosmetic facial filler injections and various other non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures.

Retreatment and Recovery

Following the injection procedure, the patient is advised to avoid massaging the treated area for a few days. Unnecessary exposure to cold, heat and sun for up two weeks following the injections should be avoided. The patient should wear sunscreen and avoid makeup products that contain alcohol.
Follow-up treatment may be recommended for patients where some of the facial lines or wrinkles were missed during the first filler injection procedure. In case of specific dermal fillers such as Sculptra Aesthetic, a series of about three treatments may be planned in advance.
On average, the results of an HA-based dermal filler procedure may last for about six months to a year. Thereafter, the patient can consider retreatment to extend the benefits for a longer period and continue to enjoy the younger looking face.

Dermal Filler Procedure Steps

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