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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration And Transplant Experts

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration And Transplant ExpertsInvasive surgery is no longer necessary to restore your hair. The hair transplant experts at the Motykie Medical Spa provide SmartGraft, which is a minimally invasive way to restore lost or thinning hair. Risks and discomfort associated with the traditional hair transplant surgery are eliminated, and with SmartGraft even the post-treatment recovery time is reduced from weeks to days. 

Motykie Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides SmartGraft hair restoration to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


What Differentiates SmartGraft?

With the SmartGraft hair restoration device, it is possible to extract the hair from the donor site in a more precise and gentle manner. This is followed by a fully automated process to count, sort, moisten, and hold the hair until implantation. This swift and efficient way to obtain hair grafts increases the survival rate of the graft and enhances the re-growth of hair in the affected areas. 

On the other hand, the traditional hair transplantation surgery will result in a conspicuous linear scar across the back of your head. The healing is going to be painful and slow in most cases. 

With the innovative and proven SmartGraft hair restoration technique at Motykie Med Spa, it is possible to avoid the limitations of the traditional surgery, and provide you a smarter solution to combat hair loss and achieve lasting results. 

With SmartGraft hair restoration, you will also feel free to wear a hair style of your choice. This may not be possible with traditional hair transplantation because you will have to worry about hiding the unsightly scarring at the back of your head. 


Highlights of SmartGraft Treatment

  • More gentle and precise extraction, counting, segregation, and placement of the hair grafts 
  • Fully automated process that reduces the procedure time by about one-third 
  • Faster and environmentally controlled preservation and implantation of hair grafts improves the success rate of the treatment, and delivers permanent and more natural looking results


SmartGraft Procedure

Following local anesthesia, the SmartGraft hair restoration expert will use the device to gently remove the donor grafts. These grafts will be swiftly collected, sorted, counted, and stored in a sterile environment using an automated process. 

Once all the donor grafts are preserved and ready, the treatment provider will make tiny openings (almost like a pinprick) to implant the hair grafts in the affected sites. The placement, density and angle of each graft will make a difference to the final outcome. A skilled provider can create more effective and natural looking results with SmartGraft technique.

As the procedure avoids the traditional incisions and cuts, the post-op healing will occur within a day or two after the treatment session. 


New Hair Experience

The newly restored hair with SmartGraft will grow naturally in phases. The hair will take root in the first few weeks, and then it will begin to shed. This is no cause for worry, and it is a part of the normal growth process. 

You will be able to notice new hair in about 12 weeks, followed by a substantial improvement over the next six months. Full hair re-growth will occur at 12 to 14 months.

Motykie Med Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for SmartGraft hair restoration.


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