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Your Beverly Hills Botox Medical Spa

Your Beverly Hills Botox Medical Spa

Your Beverly Hills Botox Medical SpaBotox is widely recognized as the world’s most popular injectable anti-aging treatment for the face. Millions of Botox procedures are performed every year in the US with excellent results. The FDA has approved Botox for the cosmetic reduction of frown lines from the face as well as crow’s feet around the eyes. Results with Botox are nearly instant, painless, and without involving any significant downtime.
However, Botox treatment must be performed only by a highly skilled provider who can deliver the treatment in the right quantity in the precisely targeted facial nerves. Motykie Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Motykie, is a leading Botox provider. The medspa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.

Certified Botox Provider

It is important to ensure that the treatment provider administering Botox is certified and trained in this procedure. The FDA has issued a caveat that results with Botox are successful only as long as the treatment is received from a recognized expert in the prescribed quantity and using the prescribed treatment method.
Botox is based on botulinum toxin, which is among the most potent biological agents known to man. Serious adverse effects may occur if this toxin is administered wrongly. Motykie Medical Spa is a certified Botox provider with an outstanding track record of successful Botox procedures.

Holistic Wellness

Dr. Gary Motykie and team of aesthetic professionals believe that beauty is more than skin deep, and their entire treatment philosophy is governed by this belief. They will evaluate a patient’s overall health condition, skin type, severity of wrinkles and lines, and their personal aesthetic goals before recommending the most appropriate Botox treatment plan.
The treatment will be customized to match with the patient’s unique aesthetic needs and other factors. The medspa experts will also recommend any additional procedures, products or services that may be combined with Botox to achieve more effective and sustainable outcomes.
The patient’s health, safety and long-term aesthetic appeal are the primary concerns, rather than taking a myopic or short-term view. Patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby locations have an opportunity to receive proven and effective aesthetic solutions at Motykie Medical Spa.

Distinguishing Features

Motykie Medical Spa differentiates itself from most other Botox providers on several counts.

  • The staff at the med spa is caring and compassionate, and provider personalized attention to every patient.
  • Emphasis is given to educating the patient about all aspects of Botox treatment in order to help them make an informed decision.
  • The aesthetic technicians who administer Botox treatment are certified and trained in the procedure to reduce the signs of facial aging in a safe and precise manner.
  • Botox is also offered as a part of a combined wellness package that is customized according to the unique needs of the patient.

Highest standards of care are followed at Motykie Medical Spa, and every treatment protocol is personally developed by Dr. Motykie. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Motykie personally reviews and oversees all services provided at the med spa.
To see more services and treatments provided by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Motykie at his Med Spa in Beverly Hills | Los Angeles and his team please visit:

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