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Beard Hair Transplant & Restoration

Beard Hair Transplant & RestorationMen commonly say that they just cannot grow a beard. This usually means that it grows in a patchy manner or does not extend evenly across the lower face.

A beard is believed to be a sign of masculinity. Motykie Med Spa offers unrivaled expertise in hair restoration, enabling male patients to attain the full, natural-looking beard that they always wanted.

Motykie Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie offers the most advanced hair restoration techniques available, including minimally-invasive solutions that provide natural looking and permanent results in the beard or scalp areas.

Dr. Motykie provides beard hair transplant to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


Beard and Mustache Hair Transplant/Restoration

Some men have never been able to grow a dense beard while other experience beard thinning because of an injury, facial cosmetic surgery, skin cancer removal, or other conditions. Regardless of the cause for a sparse beard, men can now achieve appealing facial hair.

An innovative hair restoration technique available to patients today is SmartGraft technology. This procedure offers patients a revolutionary hair transplant system that is based on the automation of the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique which does not involve any incisions, scarring, or pain.

Men can achieve a completely natural looking beard or mustache hair transplant enabling them to regain their confidence and grow thick facial hair. This hair restoration procedure is also cost-effective in comparison to other transplant techniques.

Dr. Motykie is an expert in med spa hair restoration. Dr. Motykie and his team will customize the density and style of the patient’s beard to match with their needs. He can help patients attain their aesthetic goals whether they want a mustache, a full beard, or a goatee.


SmartGraft Advantages

  • In-office treatment performed under local anesthesia
  • Minimal downtime and discomfort
  • No linear scarring
  • Regrowth of the natural hair
  • Permanent outcomes


The SmartGraft Experience

SmartGraft combines innovative technology and precise delivery to provide the patient with faster and more effective outcomes. The device is the primary element in this procedure as it allows the provider to extract grafts precisely and place them into a holding canister that counts, sorts, and moistens the grafts automatically.

This moistening process eliminates the time taken for the procedure which makes for higher rates of survival of the implanted grafts. Therefore, the patient can expect more natural feeling hair with sustainable hair growth outcomes.

The SmartGraft device can gently eliminate tiny grafts from the donor site and store the grafts in a controlled and sterile canister. Upon collecting all the grafts, the provider can implant these via small openings no larger than a pinprick.


Going Home

The implanted site will be prepped using a local anesthetic so that the patient remains comfortable during the treatment. When the procedure is complete, the patient can return home and resume their routine activities in one to two days.

They will notice new growth in around three months with visible improvements in six months and full growth at 12 to 14 months. As the patient is re-growing their own hair, the results will appear and feel very natural.

Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for beard hair restoration.

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Beard Hair Transplant & Restoration

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