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Dr. Motykie Plastic Surgery (www.drmotykie.com)

Motykie Plastic SurgeryBoard Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motkyie’s progressive and integrative approach to health, wellness, and cosmetic enhancement sets him apart from the vast majority of cosmetic surgeons, who may be inclined to immediately recommend invasive surgical procedures to address their clients’ aesthetic concerns. Dr. Motykie’s state-of-the-art Medical Spa (located on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California) reflects his unwavering dedication to:

  • Seek out minimally- or non-invasive treatment options whenever possible
  • Practice a “less is more,” holistic treatment philosophy
  • Offer a wide variety of procedures that require minimal (if any) downtime, which enables his busy patients to resume their normal schedules as quickly as possible

However, as an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Motykie also understands that there are some aesthetic problems that originate at a structural level, and simply cannot be effectively resolved without surgical intervention. Although generally associated with lengthier recovery times, cosmetic surgery can produce more dramatic and lasting transformations than non-invasive treatment modalities can provide on their own.
In the field of aesthetic medicine, it is often the case that exceptional treatment outcomes are best achieved with a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in conjunction with one another. When performed by a skilled professional such as Dr. Motykie, the non-invasive and surgical procedures balance and complement one another, thereby:

  • Amplifying and extending the longevity of the patient’s results
  • Producing dramatic improvements that would not have been possible with a solo procedure

Personalized, Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Fortunately, Dr. Motykie has an impeccable reputation as a talented cosmetic surgeon, and his Plastic Surgery office (“Motykie Plastic Surgery”) is conveniently located right next door to the Motykie Medical Spa, which allows Dr. Motykie to design customized treatment plans incorporating the optimal combination of surgical procedures, non-surgical treatments, and wellness services to safely bring your goals to fruition and maximize the results of your cosmetic enhancement experience.
With the convenience of his patients in mind (particularly his out of state patients), Dr. Motykie is pleased to offer “Virtual Consults”. For this service, patients simply submit photos of the areas on their face and/or body that they are dissatisfied with, and after personally reviewing the photos, Dr. Motykie will use computer software to alter the image. He will then email the patient back with the enhanced photographs demonstrating his post-treatment vision and his professional recommendations for achieving the best possible results.
For patients who prefer an in-office consultation, Dr. Motykie will perform a comprehensive physical assessment, listening carefully to your aesthetic concerns and goals. If he believes that your cosmetic needs and objectives would be better served by a surgical enhancement treatment option, he may recommend one of the following cosmetic surgery procedures, either in lieu of, or as an ancillary procedure performed in conjunction with your non-invasive treatment(s):

Facial Surgery Procedures

Breast Surgery Procedures

Body Contouring Surgery

Contact Motykie Plastic Surgery (www.drmotykie.com)

Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie has spent the past 10 years developing and applying an integrative approach to health, wellness, nutrition, and aesthetic enhancement that has set his practice apart from the multitude of profit-driven cosmetic surgery practices. Dr. Motykie’s treatment philosophy transcends the “skin deep” focus on aesthetics, and is centered upon improving the inner health and physical well-being of his patients while simultaneously rejuvenating their external appearance.
If you feel that your cosmetic concerns may require surgical correction, please reference Dr. Motykie’s plastic surgery website (www.drmotykie.com) or contact the Motykie Plastic Surgery office today. Dr. Motykie will provide his expert recommendations as to the appropriate surgical and/or non-surgical treatments necessary to fulfill your aesthetic enhancement goals.

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