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Motykie Med Spa is pleased to offer body therapy by certified massage therapist Judy Antido. We believe that massage can be a key element in many of our patients’ wellness goals.

Custom Swedish Massage (1 hour $150/2 hours $275)

A Swedish massage is one of the most common and most popular types of massage we offer. One of the main goals of this technique is to relax your entire body, not just the areas that are physically treated. During a Swedish massage, the muscles are rubbed using long strokes in the direction of the blood returning to the heart. A good Swedish massage will transcend relaxation and offer further benefits such as increased oxygen levels in the blood, decreased muscle toxins and improved circulation and flexibility.

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Deep Therapeutic Massage (1 hour $175/2 hours $325)

Similar in many respects to a Swedish massage, a deep therapeutic massage applies deeper pressure. This technique helps to release chronic tension within deeper layers of muscle tissue, and can also relax the tendons and the fascia tissue that surrounds and protects the muscles, bones and joints. Therapeutic massage is often focused on a particular trouble spot such as a tight or sore shoulder.

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Prenatal Massage (1 hour $175/2 hours $325)

All kinds of aches and pains are quite common during pregnancy. A prenatal massage can address specific pain points such as a sore back, stiff neck, or leg cramps. It is also an excellent way to achieve some relaxation and feel pampered during what is often a very stressful time in a woman’s life. Our prenatal massages are designed to complement any other therapies or treatments you are having while pregnant.

Senior Massage (1 hour $175/2 hours $325)

As you age your body changes, and massage can greatly help to improve flexibility, increase circulation and minimize soreness in muscles and tissues. Our older patients often need a very customized approach to massage therapy that accounts for certain conditions, pain points, and treatment objectives. You can trust Judy to understand your needs and offer a personalized approach to massage that provides therapeutic relaxation.

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