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Renuva Adipose Matrix Injectable (Face and Body for both Enhancement and Post-Surgical Correction)

Renuva Adipose Matrix Injectable

Renuva® Adipose MatrixRenuva Adipose Matrix injectable treatment can be an effective way to reduce aging signs from the skin, address celluliate appearance, and volumize the depleted areas of the skin without involving plastic surgery. The treatment can be successfully applied to both the face and the rest of the body areas.
In addition to fulfilling the goals of cosmetic enhancement, Renuva Adipose Matrix injectable procedure can also help in improving the post-surgical outcomes.
Sometimes the skin may develop irregularities or tend to sag after a body contouring or another surgical procedure. The surgeon may use Renuva as a non-surgical revision treatment to correct the imperfections.
Motykie Med Spa, led by outstanding and perceptive cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides Renuva skin care procedure to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other neighborhoods and cities in this part of the nation.

What is Renuva Adipose Matrix?

Renuva Adipose Matrix skin enhancement procedure involves transfer of small amounts of allograft fat tissue into the patient’s existing fat tissue. The allograft tissue, which is tested and screened in accordance with the FDA guidelines, is obtained from third party donors.
As the harvested and sterilized donor tissue gets transplanted in the affected areas of the body through injections, Renuva creates an adipose matrix which serves as a scaffold to regenerate new tissue. The body utilizes this matrix to volumize the depleted areas of the skin, and enhance tone, texture and appearance of the skin.
The procedure is less invasive than traditional fat transfer plastic surgery procedures because no liposuction is required and donor fat is not extracted from the patient’s own body. As a result, the procedure is faster, more comfortable and involves minimal risk and downtime.

How does it Work?

In case of the FDA cleared Renuva Adipose Matrix procedure, the donor fat is purified before creating an injectable filler of highest possible integrity and purity. The filler matrix includes biological stimulating factors, including growth factors, cytokine and peptide. The matrix not only helps fill the targeted area to smooth wrinkles and lines and create volume, but also triggers the growth of natural body fat.
Therefore, the long term results with this growth matrix procedure are often superior to those achieved with a traditional fat transfer surgery. Up to 100 percent correction can be possible with Renuva skin care procedure, but research is still underway to determine the effectiveness of this treatment backed by scientific evidence. A single donor produces 1.5 cc of the filler. A patient will ideally benefit from 3 cc to achieve the desired results.


Renuva Adipose Matrix injections can be safely performed in a medical spa setting. The patient does not require general anesthesia or sedation to receive this treatment. All risks that are typically associated with a surgery are avoided with Renuva skin care.
The procedure is ideally suited for busy moms and working individuals who do not want to go through a procedure with higher risk of complications and a prolonged downtime. Dedicated and profound cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie of Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other towns and communities in this area of SoCal for Renuva skin care treatment.
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