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Renaissance 2 Peel System

A Clear Complexion with the Renaissance 2 Peel System

Renaissance 2 Chemical Peel | Anti-Wrinkle | Beverly Hills Medical SpaOur faces are constantly exposed to the elements—sun, wind, and an endless barrage of toxins and pollutants all take their toll. And over time, our faces begin to show tell-tale signs of age and exposure, including fine lines, wrinkles, blotchiness, and scars from acne. To renew your facial vitality, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes and restore a clear, even complexion, the Renaissance 2 Peel System is an excellent choice. Renaissance 2 uses a unique combination of components to exfoliate the skin of the face and restructure the molecular components of collagen—leaving you with a restored, youthful, and glowing appearance.
Renaissance 2 chemical peels are a medium-intensity peel that is appropriate for all skin types. Applied gently by our professional aestheticians during a short office visit, Renaissance 2 is an excellent way to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, clear up blotchiness or discoloration, and reduce the effects of acne.
Please contact us, request an appointment online, or call us at 310-276-6772 to plan your visit to our premier med spa serving West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and all of Los Angeles. We will work with you to develop a personalized facial treatment plan that will leave you looking and feeling youthful, fresh, and confident!
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The Motykie Med Spa Difference

  • Our Med Spa offers innovative, effective treatments to patients with a variety of needs and aesthetic goals, and Renaissance 2 treatments are no exception.  Renaissance 2 contains a unique compilation of lactic, salicylic, resorcinol, and retinoic acids which restructure facial collagen, resulting in a clear, rejuvenated complexion.
  • Our staff is skilled and experienced at designing the optimal treatment program to address your needs and provide the smooth, natural-looking effects that you’ve come to expect from our Med Spa.
  • Because we are dedicated to inner wellness and self-confidence, you are assured that your Renaissance 2 treatments will restore youth and vitality to your complexion.
  • Each of the treatments and procedures offered at our Med Spa have been carefully selected by Dr. Gary Motykie, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon known nationally for his extensive background in general health, nutrition, fitness, and alternative wellness methods to heal your skin and body from the inside out.
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Are Renaissance 2 Treatments Right For You?

If you answer “YES!” to any of these questions, the Renaissance 2 Peel System may offer you the solution you’ve been looking for!

  • Are you distressed by the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles?
  • Are you concerned about the effects of sun damage on your face?
  • Do you have persistent acne?
  • Would you like to reduce the appearance of superficial facial scarring?
  • Is your complexion blotchy or uneven?
  • Do you have areas of facial hyper-pigmentation or melasma?
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Renaissance 2 Fast Facts

  • Renaissance 2 is a medium-intensity chemical peel that is appropriate for all skin types
  • The peel is applied during a short office visit and involves little to no discomfort
  • Your face will be pink during the few hours following treatment, and will peel mildly for several days thereafter
  • After the peeling stage, results will be clearly evident
  • Most patients require a series of treatments to achieve their aesthetic goals.
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Does It Hurt?

There may be some slight stinging or burning of the skin during treatment, which many patients find tolerable. If you are concerned about experiencing discomfort, a mild painkiller such as ibuprofen may be taken.

How Does It Work?

Renaissance 2 treatments are a medium-intensity chemical peel that works by exfoliating the outer layers of skin and re-structuring the facial collagen on a molecular level, providing a fresh, youthful appearance to the face. The peel will be applied gently using a cotton swab, after which the outer layer of skin will begin to slowly whiten. After a short elapse of time, your aesthetician will apply a cooling compress to your face, which will stabilize the skin. A slight stinging sensation may be experienced for the next 15-30 minutes.


Your face may be flushed for the first several hours following your peel, but should return to its normal color by morning. Do not use any cleansers on your skin for the first 24 hours, merely splash gently with water and carefully pat dry. Over the next several days, you will notice some flaking of the skin in the treatment area, and it is important not to disrupt or pick at the skin during this time. Only gentle cleansers may be used during the first week following treatment, and be sure to apply adequate sunscreen if going out of doors. Full results should be visible approximately 5-7 days following treatment, revealing a smooth, clear, even complexion and a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. Most patients require a series of 3-6 treatments in order to achieve their aesthetic goals.

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