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How long does JuvaShape Skin Tightening Last?

 JuvaShape Skin Tightening | Beverly Hills Medical Spa | Non-SurgicalJuvaShape is a unique medspa treatment that addresses both wrinkles and cellulite concerns simultaneously to create a younger looking face and body. JuvaShape procedure is completely non-invasive, and is based on radio frequency (RF) technology.
During the initial consultation, the treatment provider will educate the patient about various aspects of JuvaShape treatment, including its potential longevity of results. This will help the patient to make a well-considered choice by comparing the benefits and limitations of JuvaShape with alternative treatments.
Motykie medical spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides cutting edge non-surgical aesthetic solutions such as JuvaShape. Dr. Motykie’s team will explain to the patient about the potential effectiveness and sustainability of JuvaShape. Dr. Motykie provides this treatment to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other communities and cities in this part of the Southwest.

Advanced Technique for Sustainable Results

JuvaShape device is based on RF technology, which will generate controlled amounts of thermal energy. This energy is delivered in a targeted manner to the deeper layers of the skin in the affected areas. The JuvaShape RF system is a combination of four advanced skin smoothing technologies in a single device to create comprehensive, longer lasting outcomes.
The best part is that these sustainable results can be achieved without the patient having to undergo any incisions, cuts or injections.
The medspa treatment will involve little to no downtime or discomfort, while producing desirable, natural looking results. A growing number of people prefer this procedure now because of its prolonged benefits achieved in a non-invasive way.


The degree of skin laxity, the specific location of treatment area, the depth of wrinkles and creases, and the amount of surface area of the skin involved are some of the key factors that will influence the longevity of results with JuvaShape.
Secondly, some patients may only want limited treatment, while others may be willing to follow the treatment provider’s advice for an optimal treatment course.
The skill of the treatment provider and the technique applied will also impact the longevity of JuvaShape. In general, a majority of patients can expect to see the results after the first treatment session. Maximum results are created if the patient goes through a planned series of six treatment sessions spaced a few weeks apart. It can take up to three months before the patient may see the final outcome following the last treatment session.
Results of this non-surgical anti-aging and skin tightening RF treatment are likely to last anywhere between one and three years. Longevity of results can be extended if the patient chooses to have subsequent treatments repeated periodically. The patient should ideally have some amount of skin elasticity in the affected sites in order to create longer lasting and more natural looking results.
The treatment provider will select the candidate carefully to ensure that they are able to make the most from JuvaShape treatment and achieve long lasting benefits. The marvelous and sagacious Motykie medical spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for JuvaShape RF skin tightening procedure.
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