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Juvederm Before and After Photos

Juvederm Before and After Photos

Juvederm Before and After PhotosJuvederm Before and After Photos

Patients who may be considering a non-surgical injectable cosmetic filler treatment such as Juvederm for the first time may need to know what kind of results to expect from this treatment. An experienced medical spa will provide Juvederm before and after photographs to the patients for this purpose. Patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby locations can have access to these pictures at Dr. Motykie’s medspa.
What are Juvederm Before and After Pictures?
Before and after images in case of Juvederm injectable gel treatment refer to a pair or group of pictures belonging to an earlier patient who has received the same treatment successfully. The pictures include images taken prior to the treatment and after the treatment at a stage when full effects of Juvederm have appeared.
These pictures are taken discreetly and with the consent of the patient. The goal of the treatment provider is to use these photos as a visual tool to educate new patients about how Juvederm injections may impact their facial appearance.
Some Key Benefits
When a patient visits a medical spa to explore various anti-aging treatment options, they may have only a vague idea about the effectiveness of injectable dermal filler treatments such as Juvederm. Some patients may seek a filler treatment specifically, but may not be sure whether to choose Juvederm or some other filler for best results. In some cases, the medspa may recommend a combination of Juvederm with another aesthetic treatment to meet the patient’s aesthetic goals.
In all these situations, the treatment expert is in a better position to address the patient’s concerns and queries with the help of Juvederm before and after pictures. At Motykie Medical Spa, patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and other areas may visit for a Juvederm consultation and review the before and after photos in order to make an informed choice.
Staying Realistic
In any aesthetic procedure, it is important that the patient should have clear goals, a positive frame of mind, and realistic expectations about the treatment. Sometimes the patient may form wrong expectations about Juvederm treatment despite the best verbal explanations of the treatment provider. This can lead to disappointment later on at the time of final results. Juvederm before and after photos can mitigate this possibility for the benefit of everyone involved.
When a patient knows clear what the Juvederm injections can or cannot do for them, they are in a better position to make an informed decision. Therefore, a reputed medical spa will usually keep a collection of before and after photos for various non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures, including Juvederm.
Posting the Images on the Website
A medical spa with a dedicated website of its own also have the option of providing the before and after photos of various procedures, including Juvederm, on the site. These pictures can be provided in a separate ‘Photo Gallery’ section, which can be accessed from the site home page. A new patient may choose to visit this section from the privacy of their home or office. They may decide to visit the med spa only after they have reviewed the Juvederm before and after pictures online.
Juvederm before and after photos provided by: http://www.juvederm.com/Views/
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