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Juvashape Skin Resurfacing Cost

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The fountain of youth beckons, and what better way to get there than Juvashape treatments. Many a medical spa has long been offering surgeries to achieve a younger appearance, so what makes Juvashape any different? One of the best bits of Juvashape treatments is that it is a non-invasive procedure, says Dr. Gary Motykie . From sagging skin to a single cellulite, Juvashape treatments adopts Radio frequency or RF technology to sculpt and tone the body, as desired. A medspa may also offer Juvashape laser treatment to relieve pain by means of massaging mechanisms that penetrate deep into the body tissues, unlike traditional massages. Visiting a medspa, for a Juvaderm treatment, can help in easing out muscle tension to relieve the pain. Also, when compared to aesthetic surgeries, Juvaderm treatment are far more cost-effective, and without any downtime.
Juvashape treatment overview
vShapeRltdProd r1 - Juvashape Skin Resurfacing CostJuveshape treatments can be used to treat abdomen, jowls, chest, neck, upper arms, and thighs. The treatment involves using RF technology, to breakdown the fat cells. The acoustic waves disrupt only the targeted cell membranes of the fat cells which are to be removed. Then, unipolar RF waves are used to speed up the metabolism so as to increase the fat burning and expulsion rate in the target area. Similarly, cellulite and stretch marks can also be treated through the procedure. A fine smooth contour  can be achieved by coupling collagen stimulation with fibrous tissue disruption. Non-ablative lasers can be used to treat excess skin, to give it a firmer tone.
Before and after care
Despite being a non-invasive treatment, there are certain precaution you need to address before the treatment. Prior to the treatment, the doctor at the medical spa will advise you to stop using bleaching creams, exfoliatants and such, a week beforehand. Speak to your doctor regarding the usage of lotions and medications before the treatment. You’ll have to wash off any lotion, make-up or potion that has been applied on the treatment area before surgery. In case of sensitivity, he may apply topical anesthetics during the treatment.
The treatment may require for you to come in for about six sessions or more, for it to fully come into effect, although you will start noticing changes right after the first treatment. Although you can get back to your regular routine after the treatment, you do have certain dont’s to cater to. Until all the treatment sessions have been completed, you will be advised to stay away from tanning creams and sun exposure. You will have to apply a SPF 30 cream on the treated area. Consult your medical spa doctor, before using any skin products on the treated area. Don’t exfoliate or scrub the treated region. While you can take mild showers post-treatment, you are better of without whirlpools and hot tubs for the 48 hour period after treatment. Same goes with workout sessions and saunas, as excessive sweating should be avoided for the 24-48 hours following treatment. The doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory or pain medication in case you face any discomfort post-treatment.
Juvashape Before and After Photos provided by http://www.almalasers.com/vshape
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