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Who is a good Candidate for Renuva Skin Care Treatment?

Renuva Skin Care Treatment

Who is a good Candidate for Renuva Skin Care Treatment?A wide range of non-surgical skin tightening and volumizing procedures are available today involving different medical technologies.
One of the most distinctive med spa procedures for skin rejuvenation, which has now emerged is the Renuva Adipose Matrix skin care treatment. This procedure is designed to restore skin volume, reduce sagging skin, and mitigate the effects of cellulite with a unique fat transfer injectable treatment.
Dr. Gary Motykie is now introducing this cutting edge to his practice for suitable candidates. At the time of initial consultation, Dr. Motykie will closely engage with the patient to understand their innate cosmetic skin care needs and aesthetic goals. He will assess their existing skin laxity and other skin imperfections to determine whether Renuva tissue filler treatment can be an appropriate solution for them.
Motykie Medical Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, is a state of the art med spa offering safe, proven and effective non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. Renuva Adipose Matrix injectable tissue filler is the latest innovation that Dr. Motykis now introducing to his patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.


Renuva fat tissue filler procedure is equally suited for both women and men who are looking to achieve a younger physical appearance and rejuvenated skin in specific areas. The procedure is most beneficial for candidates having mild to moderate skin laxity. Ideal candidates will have one or more of the following concerns:
Minor Scars, Depressions, Aberrations
As a person ages, environmental exposure, illness, acne break outs, and past skin procedures can lead to permanent scars, depressions and minor imperfections in the facial skin, neck, upper arms, hands and other areas. Renuva skin care treatment can improve these issues by volumizing the skin and restoring smoother skin texture.
Unsightly Cellulite Effects
Dimpled, uneven skin in certain areas can occur due to the presence of cellulite, which does not go away with exercise or diet. People who want to improve cellulite appearance may be good candidates for Renuva Adipose Matrix filler treatment. The procedure will enhance skin volume to minimize the appearance of dimpling skin.
Aging Lines
As a person ages, their face, neck and other areas will develop wrinkles and creases due to loss of skin elasticity. Volume depletion in the mid-face can create a sunken look. Renuva adipose tissue filler injectable procedure can improve volume and mitigate the aging lines by filling the wrinkles and creases.

Characteristics of an Ideal Candidate

Some of the characteristics of an ideal candidate will include:

  • Seeking an alternative to surgery or laser based skin lift procedures
  • Looking for longer lasting results compared to dermal fillers
  • Ready to receive injections along with a local anesthetic
  • Not suffering from any untreated skin infection in the affected areas
  • Prepared to go through a course of two to three injection sessions, if required
  • Having a good health, positive mindset and reasonable expectations

Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for Renuva skin care treatment.
Who is a good Candidate for Renuva Skin Care Treatment?
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