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Botox is Now Being Used For Body Contouring


Botox is Now Being Used For Body ContouringBotox is the latest way to sculpt your body without the need to go under the knife. There are several uses for Botox besides being a popular way for smoothing out facial wrinkles. Botulinum toxin, according to experts is used frequently for off-label purposes in several countries. It is used for body contouring and muscle slimming.

Off-label uses have gained increased traction in the US as more and more people are turning towards minimally invasive contouring options. Motykie Med Spa, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, provides Botox injectable body contouring treatments to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox medical spa injections used for body contouring are different from the ones used on the face. Botox is an intramuscular injection that goes deep into the skin. The purpose is not to paralyze the muscle but to atrophy it. Atrophied muscles are thinner in nature. This makes the targeted look more defined and slimmer.

You may require a large supply of Botox to achieve these muscle slimming effects. The time frame for results is similar to what you would acquire in the face, which is about two weeks. However, it is possible that complete results may take anywhere up to 8 weeks to manifest completely since the injection is being administered in deeper layers.

Effects of Botox are likely to last longer in the body as compared to the face. This is usually 6 months as opposed to 3 to 4 months. Initial soreness and weakness may be possible in the injection site as far as side effects go. However, these effects are temporary in nature and would dissipate quickly.

These are a few areas where Botox for body are common and effective:

The Shoulders

You can make your shoulders appear more elongated by injecting Botox in the shoulder muscles running all the way from the neck to the middle of the back. This muscle group is also called trapezius muscles. Botox in the shoulders can help reduce shoulder pain. This is similar to the way the injections work in the jaw for reducing pain from teeth grinding or TMJ.

The Calves

Women with overly bulky calves are usually the ones that come in for the procedure. Women tend to aspire for slimmer calves. Botox for calves is injected into the gastrocnemius muscle. This is the muscle running all the way from the knee to the heel on the backside of the leg. The neurotoxin is injected on the side or back of this muscle group. You will notice a slimmer calf contour after the first treatment. However, subsequent treatments may make the effects more noticeable.

The Thighs

Dermal fillers are often used for smoothening cellulite dimples. However, Botox med spa injections can also be used for improving the look of the legs. Botox can be administered in the quadricep for reshaping the contour of the thigh and minimizing the frontal thigh bulge.

Motykie Medical Spa receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for Botox body contouring non-surgical treatment.

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