Permanent Makeup


How many times do you reapply eyeliner, lip liner and lipstick throughout the day? Have you seen your eye makeup melting into raccoon eyes as the day wears on? Do you wonder how much damage that pulling and smearing is doing to the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth?

With all of these hassles and concerns, why are you still afraid of permanent makeup? Is it because you have heard it looks unnatural, fades out, or starts to look weird over time? Well, think again. Like all cosmetic treatments, natural looking results usually come down to the quality of the product used and the skill of the practitioner.

Kathryn Alexander, founder of Blessing Permanent Makeup, has been applying permanent makeup for 28 years and now provides this service at Motykie Med Spa. Ms. Alexander’s technique and expertise have set her apart in the industry.

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More about Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup application (also known as cosmetic tattooing, permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation, or dermapigmentation) is an aesthetic technique wherein pigmentation is gently tattooed below the surface of the skin to resemble makeup. Cosmetic tattooing is a comfortable procedure that enhances and defines the features of the face, and can be used to create permanent eyebrows, permanent lip liner, permanent eye liner, and/or permanent lip color.

Permanent makeup produces long-lasting results with little post-treatment downtime, saving our clients countless hours of makeup application while helping them to look beautifully refreshed at all hours of the day! Ideal candidates for cosmetic tattooing include people who want to:

  • Minimize time spent on their daily makeup regimen
  • Enhance the appearance of thinning, sparse, or over-tweezed eyebrows
  • Add color to lips
  • Define lash lines
  • Improve the appearance of wrinkles and/or facial scarring
  • Restore the appearance of healthy, full eyebrows after chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or hair loss caused by alopecia or vitiligo
  • Correct eyebrow or lip asymmetry

Permanent Makeup

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Cosmetic tattooing is an intricate and highly technical procedure, and should only be performed by an experienced micropigmentation artist who understands the subtle nuances necessary to produce beautifully natural results. Ms. Alexander appreciates that every face is unique, which is why she takes the time to thoroughly consult with her clients prior to any service. After listening carefully to your concerns and aesthetic preferences, she will design a custom-tailored permanent makeup service to safely and effectively bring your cosmetic goals to fruition and accentuate your natural beauty.

Your permanent makeup appointment will include a Perfection Touch Up visit approximately three weeks after your initial application, in order to fine tune the shading after the pigments have had a chance to settle. As with any tattoo procedure, some color fading is to be expected over time; however, Ms. Alexander will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to help you extend your results, and offers convenient Color Fresh services to touch up any short-term fading.

Medical Uses

For 8 years, Ms. Alexander had a studio in the office of a surgeon who performed reconstructive surgery for cancer patients. One of her fondest memories is helping a 27-year-old chemo patient by applying gorgeous brows and eyeliner for her, so the patient didn’t have to stencil them in each day. She also has tattooed natural-looking areolas for women who have had breast reconstruction, and camouflaged scarring around breasts following lumpectomies. Dr. Motykie’s plastic surgery patients can enjoy the benefit of having Ms. Alexander lightly tattoo flesh tone shades on scars from procedures such as facelifts, breast lifts or tummy tucks.

Permanent Makeup Cost

  • Eyeliner –$750 for two visits within a month. Since she always applies the color conservatively, this gives the client a chance for any touch up or additions they may want.
  • Brows – $850 for two visits within a month.
  • Lip Liner – $850 including touch up.
  • Full Lip Color – $1,050 including touch up.

Permanent Makeup Procedure Steps

  • Before your visit, you will receive pre-care instructions that include a suggestion to eat protein and carbs, abstain from caffeine and take Tylenol about an hour before your appointment.
  • On the day of your visit, Ms. Alexander will review every detail of the procedure with you and take a few “before” pictures. She uses a topical numbing cream applied to the eyelids, lips or brows before the treatment. During treatment, most of our clients say the sensation is a bit like tweezing.
  • After the treatment, you will immediately notice an enhanced look in the treated area. Each client receives a satin take-home care kit, including Q tips, Vitamin A & D Ointment and even your choice of a satin pillowcase!

Permanent makeup may be just the solution you’re looking for! Please contact us, request an appointment online or call us at 310-276-6772 to schedule your visit to our premier med spa serving West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles.